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An Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Ideas for a Simple Table Decoration for Thanksgiving Day

Published by Guadalupe Barraco

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It takes time, effort and money to put together a Thanksgiving meal to share with family and friends. Make things a little easier by creating your own centerpiece with containers you already own and common items found during this holiday season. Finally, put a few finishing touches to complete the look atop a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Find a Container

Serving trays, vases and cake pedestals can all be used as the base of the project. Take into account the amount of room available at the table before and after the food is brought out. Height also plays an important factor because it should be difficult to look across the table and speak to other guests. For example a serving tray may take up a lot of room at the table, but it will keep the centerpiece lower to the table and easier to see around. A cake pedestal will add height, but leave plenty of room around it.

Baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work well in the center of the table. The base can also be made out of simple items like a glass bowl or pitcher or an unexpected item like a wooden cutting board or a hollowed out pumpkin. If nothing is available, forgo the container and work with other objects.

Fill the Container

Fill or cover any of the containers above with fall flowers. There are many to choose from, some of which are readily available at farmer’s markets, grocery stores, or a florist shop. Autumn leaves can be used in place of flowers to add color as well as texture to the centerpiece. Pinecones are another symbol of autumn to fill up baskets, vases, or even to lie across the table without a container.

Pumpkins and gourds, much like the fall flowers, come in all types of shapes and sizes to fit the look of the table. They can be used inside containers or as the container itself. In groups, they form a runner from one end of the table to the other.

A large pillar candle can provide a focal point for the table, while tea light candles provide a gently glow. Set red, brown, yellow, green or orange candles in a group together on a serving tray or place one candle inside a pitcher. Avoid scented candles as they interfere with the aroma of a Thanksgiving meal.

Finishing Touches

After collecting and filling a container (or skipping the container all together) a small addition or two will complete to look of the centerpiece. If a small touch is needed, use things like nuts or small pinecones to fill the gaps. If the look isn’t satisfying, take apart some of the pieces or add something new. It may need more candles or less. The container may not fit the items used. Don’t be afraid to deconstruct the look and start over.

Use ribbon around the outside of a group of pumpkins to tie the look together or around the handle of the basket for a completed look. If pumpkins or fall leaves weren’t used as the focal point of the Thanksgiving centerpiece, add these in small touches to bring in the feel of autumn. For a familial touch, add a picture from last year’s Thanksgiving or a favorite family photo from the past year.

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