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Andrew Peterson Christmas Tour: Behold the Lamb of God Tour and a Possible Resurrection Letters Tour

Published by Aretha Haft

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In an exclusive interview with us, Andrew Peterson talks about his upcoming tour in support of his latest CD, Resurrection Letters Volume II, and the possibilty of an annual tour. This tour would be similar to Peterson’s annual Behold the Lamb of God tour.

Coincidentally, Peterson talks about Behold the Lamb of God, both the tour and album, discussing the genesis of the concept as well as some other aspects. And for the sake of those who don’t know, Behold the Lamb of God is a concept album written by Andrew Peterson that tells the tale of the birth of Christ starting from the Old Testament.

The theme and name, Resurrection Letters, is fitting for the upcoming Easter season. Will you be doing an annual Easter tour like you do with the Behold the Lamb of God tour?

Andrew: That’s the plan. I’m putting together a concert that will in some ways look like Behold the Lamb. There will be 2 halves, one in which I and the guests will play in the round, and the second half we’ll perform a series of songs that focus on the Resurrection. My hope is that it’ll help folks prepare their hearts for the Easter season. I hope it’ll do the same for me, to be honest.

Speaking of Behold the Lamb of God, What gave you the idea for the concept of Behold the Lamb of God?

Andrew: I had the idea after seeing a great Christmas concert here in Nashville back in 1998. I remember thinking to myself that I wished I could attend a concert that was only about Christ’s birth. I get a kick out of the peripheral holiday traditions, like Santa Claus and Christmas Vacation, but I wanted to be able to take some time to really remember the story, to sink into it so that the peripheral stuff stayed on the edges and I could focus on the point of it all.

Did you write the songs by yourself?

Andrew: Most of them. Laura Story wrote some of the music for the song Behold the Lamb, and Gabe Scott and Ben Shive arranged the two instrumentals, respectively. I feel silly taking credit for writing the songs though, in light of the community involved in putting it all together. Ben arranged the strings, Andrew Osenga’s input and playing was central to the recording, Marcus Myers’s violin on “Deliver Us” was formative to writing the song, I can’t imagine the album without Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn singing “Labor of Love”, or anyone else but Derek Webb singing “Deliver Us”. Yes I wrote the songs, but it is what it is because of the gifting of many, many people.

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