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Annual Copenhagen Cooking Festival: The Biggest Scandinavian Foodie Event Celebrates the Nordic Kitchen

Published by Randal Gennaria

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Copenhagen Cooking is a people’s festival with something for both Copenhageners and tourists. The festival was launched in 2005 and has been a tremendous success eversince. The event is arranged by Wonderful Copenhagen in cooperation with Tivoli, Eat08, Carlsberg, a select group of the city’s best gastronomic operators and top restaurants such as Noma.

A Celebration of Scandinavian Cooking

Copenhagen Cooking, the biggest food festival in Scandinavia, is a tribute to the Nordic kitchen and food traditions with special focus placed on excellent local products. Don’t miss out on a time like this when, all over the city, Copenhagen puts all its chefs and food artists to work.

“The common thread running throughout the programme is the focus on quality. In recent years, the Nordic culinary tradition has been rediscovered and modernized and it will be a big part of the programme but there is also room for international cooking,” says Thomas Meier Lorenzen, project manager at Wonderful Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cooking Program Highlights

Throughout Copenhagen Cooking’s 10 days program, there will be irresistible temptations on offer at the city’s best restaurants as well as at squares, markets and on various city streets.

  • The Øksnehallen Exhibition Centre hosts the luxury food and lifestyle show Eat 08, where Denmark’s best producers and specialist in food, wine and gourmet delicacies come together to celebrate good taste and uncompromising quality.
  • Tivoli Gardens is another popular venue venue to head for. Their Gastronomy Days program includes the Dish of the Year cooking competition, daily taste sensations, and open kitchens.
  • Or, take a trip out to the vineyard in Avedøre and feel like you have been whisked away to Provence while you taste select wines.
  • Last year, the event Black Box that featured dining in complete darkness was a visitor-magnet. You can expect surprises again this year.
  • And of course, Copenhagen has plenty of gourmet restaurants and eateries serving scrumptious traditional Danish fare.

Related Events

The first ever European Beer Festival runs in Copenhagen between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th September.

Eating Out in Wonderful Copenhagen

In the words of designer, retailer and restaurateur Terence Conran, “Copenhagen is rapidly becoming the Barcelona of northern Europe. It has extensive waterfronts rather like Venice, a thriving eating out scene with hundreds of cafes and excellent restaurants, wonderful old buildings and some pretty stunning new ones.”

Whether you are a gourmet connoisseur, favour hearty country cooking or like a little bit of everything, there are extraordinary culinary experiences awaiting you at the annual Copenhagen Cooking Festival: just sharpen your tastebuds and enjoy a luxury food exhibition and gourmet dining at a fraction of the price you’d normally expect to pay.

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