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Annual Festivals and Events in Valladolid, Spain

Published by Nicholas Sumter

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Travelers venturing through Spain’s Castilla y Léon region may find that Valladolid disguises its tradition, history, and monuments behind blocks of modern apartments and industrial plants. Although the clash between old and new is a reality, a large part of Valladolid’s unique culture is preserved through its annual festivals.

Visitors should take note of the following events in order to plan itineraries and prepare in advance for hotel reservations.

Valladolid’s International Film Festival

In 2018, Valladolid will hold its 54th International Film Festival from October 23 to 31. The festival takes place in several of the city’s theaters and promotes independent films from around the world.

Tapas Competition in Valladolid, Spain

Spain’s infamous bar snack, the tapa, has a history of excellence in Valladolid, boasting award winning chefs and bars. The tapas competition allows several bars to compete for the most aesthetically and taste-bud pleasing creations. This event is still fairly young, but gaining popularity with each year and sometimes coincides with the film festival in October.

Christmas in Valladolid’s Plaza Mayor

As winter approaches, cities throughout predominantly Roman Catholic Spain unveil copious decorations, and Valladolid is no exception. Perhaps the greatest collection of Christmas stock is sifted into 13th century Plaza Mayor where a legitimate carousel, lit tree, and kiddie rides contribute to the city’s celebration.

Holy Week or Semana Santa in Valladolid, Spain

Although Holy Week or Semana Santa processions are held in cities throughout Spain, Valladolid claims to have one of the biggest. Less flamboyant than processions in Andalucia, Holy Week in Valladolid is taken seriously and locals remain quiet and respectful as religious processions slowly march down the streets in the days leading up to Easter.

Street Theater Festival in Valladolid, Spain

In May, the weather is perfect for outdoor theater and magic stationed at various locations in the streets of Valladolid. Locals and visitors alike marvel at the diverse group of professional performers from around Europe and makes for an ideal family outing.

Summer Sandcastle Competition in Valladolid’s Plaza Mayor

Summers are hot in Valladolid, but that doesn’t stop international sandcastle artists from creating their painstakingly detailed works of art in Plaza Mayor during the month of June. Residents may vote on their favorite.

Getting to Valladolid

Trains and buses from Madrid run frequently with cheap fares. These tickets can be purchased in advance online.

International travelers may fly into Valladolid’s small but efficient airport which operates from destinations in Europe such as Paris, Brussels, and London.

No matter what time of year, Valladolid is likely to host a celebration that highlights the spirit of its people and culture. If not, there are more than enough traditional restaurants and bars to create one’s own. For more information and further direction, tourists may visit the city’s Tourist Information Center in Campo Grande or Valladolid’s city park.

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