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Are You Ready to Host the Office Thanksgiving Party? Find Out Now

Published by Shanta Zomorodi

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Are you thinking about hosting a Thanksgiving party at your home or office during the holiday? Do you want to have a party to impress your boss or your friends at work, but you’re not sure if you have the money, the time or the patience to host a Thanksgiving party, let alone a good one? The fact that you’re thinking about it before deciding to commit to having a party means that you are ready on the right track in terms of planning and decision making.

Time is money, and a Thanksgiving party is going to take up a lot of both your time and your money, many people want to spend Thanksgiving with their families and as such they may not want to go anywhere during dinnertime, this is a very important consideration in timing any Thanksgiving party. If you are really busy or have little disposable income, then having a thanksgiving party is not for you. It is also important to consider if you may have to attend a party during this period.

Food is also a very important part of any Thanksgiving party and you should decide whether you want to serve finger food (hors d’oeuvres) or have a full-fledged Thanksgiving dinner at your party. This should be determined by what time your product is scheduled to begin. A thanksgiving party scheduled late in the night will allow your prospective guests to have Thanksgiving dinner with their families then attend your party later in the night where snacks and finger food will keep them from becoming hungry again. Any party hosted near mealtime will cause your guests to assume that they are being served dinner or lunch, and as such it is up to you to inform them beforehand what type of dining arrangements will be present at your party. Serving Thanksgiving dinner at any Thanksgiving party is a very strenuous and time consuming, especially for more than 20 guests. This added stress (both monetary and emotional) should be carefully thought out before making any plans or arrangements in terms of the food being served at your party.

The type of guests that will be attending your party is also very important, since this may determine the entertainment, type of food, dress code and many other features of your party. An all adult party would give people the chance to interact with each other much more freely when compared to a party where children would be welcome, since most families would sit together and interact with each other much more than other families. The types of entertainment would be different as well as the dress code since some of these may not be interesting to children who may become bored and unruly, and subsequently create havoc at your party.

The cost of the Thanksgiving party is also going to be very important, this may actually be the single most important consideration you will need to consider before hosting one. Before making a commitment you should make a rough estimate of the total costs of the party. The guests, the food, the entertainment, cleaning, repairs, decorations and all the other associated costs add up very quickly. If you find it out of your budget, maybe you should offer to host the party next year, to allow yourself time to save and plan much more effectively. After all, you can impress your family, friends and office buddies by hosting a thanksgiving party next year.

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