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Bat Halloween Invitations

Published by Agustin Hayth

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Halloween is a great time to plan a Halloween party. If you are planning a Halloween party and don’t know what kind of Halloween invitation to send, you should consider a bat themed invitation. Bats are well known fixtures of Halloween. There are several Bat Halloween invitations on the online market. This article will go over five of the neatest ones.

Bat Halloween Invitations #1: Polka Dot Bat Invite

Invitation Box sells a cute polka dot themed bat invitation. The invitation is white with a border that has polka dots in black, light and dark orange. An orange circle is at the top of the card with a black bat inside. Your party information is printed in the middle on the card. You can get to choose the font color and style that you like best. The lowest amount of invitations sold is 10. Ten invitations cost $33 dollars. You can order larger amounts if needed.

Bat Halloween Invitations #2: Owl and Bat

Paper Cards.com has a really cute owl and bat invitation. It is a folding style card. On the front is a picture of a night scene with a friendly and smiling tree on the left hand side. On the tree branch, is a bat hanging upside down. On another area is an owl. Inside, you can write the party details for your party (personalization is not offered). Each card is $1.49 and comes with an envelope.

Bat Halloween Invitations #3: You are Invited Bat

Greeting Card Universe offers buyers a card that is rather humorous. It is a fold over card invitation that has a picture of a bat flying, with a little piece of paper in his mouth that says “You are Invited.” The background of the card is black and the bat is a light blank with pink accents. Inside the card, your party information goes. You can personalize it with any message you like. Cards are $2.79 each but if you are buying in bulk (over 25), then card prices are slightly lowered.

Bat Halloween Invitations #4: Smiling Bat

The Smokin’ Frog has a really fun bat themed Halloween invitation. It is in folding card format. The background of the card is purple. A large bat is in the center of in front of a yellow moon. The bat is grinning widely. At the bottom left hand side of the bat is written BOO in orange letters. Other small bats are around the larger bat. You fill in your own information on these cards and they are sold in sets of 20. They cost $21.99.

Bat Halloween Invitations #5: Bat with Friends

Paperlicious.com has a cute bat with friend’s invitation. It is a flat card invite with a white background. The border of the card is black, green, orange and purple stripes. There is a picture of a bat on one corner and a spider, witches hat and pumpkin on another. You can choose the text color and style. There is a minimum order of 12 and cards cost $1.19 each.



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