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Be an iPod for Halloween!

Published by Alisha Fierst

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Here is What You Need to Do

Be an iPod for Halloween? Is that insane? No an iPod is a great idea for a Halloween costume. Just keep in mind you won’t be the nano or shuffle model. The first thing you need is appropriate materials. You want very thick cardboard paper the kind that doesn’t bend easily. It’s usually found in most office supply stores. On one side it’s rough and has a natural cardboard color to it, the other side is plane white with an almost shiney finish. If you don’t find the exact cardboard that I’m talking about it’s alright. As I explain the costume, you’ll get a better notion of what substitutes will do. Note that this type of cardboard usually comes in large sizes, roughly 5ft x 3ft. So let’s make a list now:

– 2 Sturdy, large pieces of cardboard paper 5ft x 3ft aprox. Plain white on one side and natural finish on the other.

– 2 cans of silver spray paint. (or, 1 silver and 1 other color you want the body of your iPod to be: metallic colors are best.)

– 1 roll of silver duck tape, or some other rough adhesive tape.

– 2 leather or nylon straps to hang over your shoulders. Similar to backpack straps.

Costume Construction

The Body:
On the first cardboard paper you want to design a large circle that will be the iPod’s dial. Then cut the circle out. See the advantage of the cardboard I was mentioning is that the white side has a similar finish to the iPod’s real dial. Then draw a rectangle over the dial. That will be your display screen. There are two options for the screen: if you want the iPod’s size to reach your neck you don’t have to cut the display rectangle out, you just decorate it with some display you like. If you want the iPod to be as tall as you are then you must cut the rectangle out. That’s where you’ll poke your head out to see. Once this is done you spray paint the remaining shell. You spray paint the body of your iPod (everything except the dial and the display which you already cut out). You spray it silver or any color of your choice. The second piece of cardboard paper you also spray paint all silver. Usually the back covers of iPods are silver.

Now you place the circle with the white side facing your back on the iPod. You should tape it on from behind to prevent the tape from showing. You can use some leftover cardboard from the display screen to cutout a tiny circle to place in the middle of the dial – like the button that goes in the middle.

How to make the display:
Well, if you want to be able to see through it, you might want to place some clear cellophane plastic to simulate the screen. The cellophane plastic comes in handy because you can choose from a variety of see-through color hues. Also cellophane plastic is resistant enough to stretch without tearing.

How to wear your new spanky iPod:
What are the leather straps for? You want both straps to bend over each shoulder so there is about 1foot left over on opposite sides (your chest and back). They should look like pant suspenders. Finally you use the duck tape to attach both pieces of cardboard paper. Obviously the completely silver piece goes behind you (on your back) and the piece with the display will go in front of you (your chest). On the back you can still add some decoration or details such as its memory capacity or brand. One last suggestion; in case you have tiny portable speakers that you can attach to a real iPod, tape a real iPod with the small speakers on your costume or hang them around your waist. That will create a really cool effect. After that you’re ready to have fun and trick-or-treat to your favorite rhythm!



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