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Best Canister Vacuums for the Holidays: Compare Hepa Filters, Bagless / Bagged, Air Flow, Motor Power

Whether it’s a residential vacuum or a commercial vacuum, your new canister vacuum will earn back its price tag during these holiday months with daily cleaning of dropped pine needles, broken Christmas ornaments, and crumbs from all your holiday baking! You should be able to find some great deals during the months preceding Christmas and even at the after holiday sales.

Many local vacuum stores will add in free service contracts or a year’s supply of bags to sweeten the deal during the holidays. To find the best canister vacuums for the holidays, compare the following features.

Filtration System

  • Vacuum cleaner filtration systems are available in several levels of filtration.
  • The simplest form has no filtration and uses a bag to collect dust and dirt.
  • A more sophisticated system can filter out pollen and particles that are as small as 100 microns, and the most effective Hepa filters capture 99% of all particles in the air, even those as small as 3 microns!
  • Obviously the price of the vacuum cleaner increases as the level of filtration increases, and your budget and your filtration needs will determine your best option. As a guideline however, stretch to afford the highest level of filtration that you can. In the long run, your vacuum cleaner should last longer if it doesn’t get clogged with recirculated dust and grime.

Dust Collection

The best canister vacuums use one of two different types of dust collection systems: bagged or bagless. Consumers are usually adamant about their preference, but here are the benefits and disadvantage of each type.

  • Bagged versions have been around forever in the world of vacuum cleaning. The bags are good because they trap the dirt, allow for easy disposal by closing the bag and tossing it, and the best bags do not promote recirculation of the dirt. The downside of bagged versions is that you will have a continual expense in purchasing new bags.
  • Bagless versions promote themselves by stating that you will never need to buy bags and if you inadvertently suck up an object, you can easily retrieve it from the removable dust collection cup. However removing and emptying the cup is a messy process and the filters that separate the smaller particles from the dust cup have to be cleaned or replaced.

Air Flow/Motor Power

While one would expect a stronger suction from a motor that provides more power (amps), in reality the factor that dictates the strength of suction is the air flow. Look for a model that provides as many cubic feet per minute (cfm) as your budget will allow.

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