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Best Christmas Toys for Toddler Girls: Toddler Xmas Gift Ideas on the Hot Holiday Toy List

Published by Ailene Frezza

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Shopping for toddler toys is sometimes hard, but that’s where this peek at top holiday toys comes in. Read prices and reviews for four of hot toddler Christmas toys.

Hot Toddler Toy for Christmas – Kai Lan Super Emotions Doll

from Fisher Price, $14.99

From the Nick, Jr. show Ni Hau, Kai Lan comes the 8″ plush Kai Lan Super Emotions Doll. This girls’ holiday toy is even fun to buy – parents and relatives can pick from one of four Kai Lan dolls with the emotion that fits the child best: happy, silly, sweet, or giggly. The emotion and its Chinese character is displayed on Kai Lan’s shirt, and she comes with a matching necklace for the child to wear.She is a perfect size for toddler cuddling, and even parents will think she’s really cute. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Top Xmas Toys for Toddlers – Tag Junior Winnie the Pooh Gift Pack

from Leap Frog, $59.99

The tag reader, a chunky frog character perfectly sized for toddler hands, reads text, asks questions, and makes sound effects when held over certain places on the custom board books. (Additional books cost $10.99 each.) The sturdy pages hold up well to toddler wear and tear, but may get imprints from the tag reader if kids are too rough with it. Toddlers may lose interest if playing alone with the Tag Junior, but will have long-lasting fun with parental supervision and interaction. The Winnie the Pooh gift pack comes with reader, sampler book, Pooh Loves To book, and plastic carrying case. Recommended for ages 2-4.


Best Holiday Toys for Girls – Little Mommy Baby Ah-Choo

from Fisher Price, $29.99

Baby Ah-Choo, the newest addition to the Little Mommy line of toys, is predicted to become a top girls christmas toy for this year. Toddlers can squeeze Baby Ah-Choo’s tummy to make her sneeze. With the included measuring spoon and medicine, thermometer, and tissues, toddlers can help their patient to feel better. This toy is great to love and cuddle like any other doll, and girls who are natural nurturers will love playing mommy or doctor with their new baby and her accessories. It comes in Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic. Recommended for ages 2-6.

Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls – My First Dollhouse

from Fisher Price $29.99

Every girl loves dollhouses, but some of the more elaborate ones are beyond the capabilities of toddlers. The toddler-friendly features of My First Dollhouse include wide open rooms that are easy to access, chunky figures that are simple to stand up and hold, and sturdy dolls and furniture with no pieces to break off and become choking hazards. The mommy, daddy, and baby figures (available in Caucasian or African-American) encourage imaginative role play. The only downsides to this dollhouse are that most of the furniture must be purchased separately, and toddlers may get frustrated with dolls slipping off of the non-contoured bed and chairs, but it is still hands-down the best first dollhouse for any toddler. Recommended for ages 2 and up.

These Christmas toys for girls are four of the best holiday gifts for toddlers in this year. Remember to shop early, before these holiday favorites aren’t available in stores.

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