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Best Halloween Makeup Kits for Halloween

Published by Londa Yerly

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It’s kind of scary that Halloween is almost upon us and we are starting to think about what we want our customs to be this year and the kind of makeup we want to wear to help disguise us. If you are trying to find some awesome Halloween makeup kits to help create that scary face for Halloween I know just the ones for you and wear you can get them.

Now if you have little ones who want to wear a little bit of Halloween makeup this year to go along with their Halloween custom you will probably just want a basic Halloween makeup kit like Buy Seasons Stenciling and Face Painting Kit. It comes with five color sticks of makeup such as black, blue, yellow, red, and white. It also has a few stencil patterns so you can stencil a design on your face and a yellow round sponge to take off you Halloween makeup after you are done wearing it. This Halloween makeup kit is great for making all kinds of scary faces to go along with your Halloween custom and it cost around twenty five dollars at www.drugstore.com.

The next best Halloween makeup kit to get this year if you want to draw designs on your face to go along with your custom would be the Psychedelic Makeup Crayons. They look just like crayons and work just like crayons, but they aren’t! They are makeup filled crayons that come in hot orange, red, green, blue, yellow, and magenta. This Halloween makeup kit works great with a bright colored custom and is really easy to wash off with soap and water if you mess up or need to clean it off after your Halloween party. Psychedelic Makeup Crayons cost around three dollars at www.halloweenstreet.com.

Another great Halloween makeup kit to help you get a scary face from www.halloweenstreet.com would be Horror Makeup Kit. It comes with liquid blood makeup that is made with latex to make it look like your bleeding, gel blood, horror flesh to create fake open wounds, blood capsules that can explode out blood when you need them to, a makeup tray filled with white, red, black, and blue makeup to create bruises, tooth wax to make fake teeth, two sponges, and a makeup brush. This is great makeup to get a vampire, goblin, or monster look. The Horror Makeup Kit cost around seven and half dollars and the makeup is also really easy to wash off your face when you need it to with soap and water.

Now another wonderful and simple Halloween makeup kit is the Carnival Makeup Kit. It comes with a pallet of several different makeup paints such as yellow, green, red, purple, blue, black, white, and grey. This makeup paint is non toxic and it can be used to create any kind of face to go with your Halloween custom whether you’re a princess, goblin, ghost, pumpkin, cat, or anything else. You can also remove this Halloween makeup from your face easily as well with soap and water and it can be applied easily with fingers and makeup brushes. The Carnival Makeup Kit cost around four dollars at www.spirithalloween.com.

These seem to be the best Halloween makeup kits to use this year to create any kind of face to go along with any kind of scary custom. I wish you all the very best luck with your makeup and custom designs and hope you all have a very spooky happy Halloween!





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