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Best Halloween TV Specials

Published by Amie Morrow

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Best 2 Animated Halloween TV Specials

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Linus is convinced that the Great Pumpkin is underrated and should be in the same league with Santa Claus. He goes so far as to write a letter to the Great Pumpkin, and sits all night waiting for him in the pumpkin patch. The classic scene in Peanuts’ specials where Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown and then moves it before he can kick it got its start in this special. Snoopy’s claim to fame in the show is flying as a World War I ace to the tune of Schroeder’s toy piano.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Once again, Garfield uses Odie for his own personal gain when he talks Odie into going trick or treating. Garfield thinks two bags of candy are better than one. They dress up as pirates and their adventure takes them across the water in what is supposedly a pirate ship. They end up in a mansion with ghosts after the so-called cabin boy of the ship steels the ship and leaves them at the mansion. They escape through the water, with Odie rescuing Garfield because Garfield can not swim, and when they get back, discover the boat and the candy as they had left it. Garfield, never as tough as he lets on, gives Odie his share of the candy as a reward for rescuing him. Binky the Clown makes his first appearance in a Garfield show when he wakes Garfield up and tells him it is Halloween.

Best 2 Halloween Movie TV Specials


Although originally shown in the theater, “Halloween” is almost always shown on TV during the season, and indeed celebration of Halloween would not be complete without this horror classic from 1978. It launched the killing spree of Michael Myers over a period of 24 years, ending in 2016 and portrayed it in a total of eight movies. The ninth movie, made in 2016, presented a background of the boy, providing us with a pre-sequel to the 1978 film. It is the classic story of the babysitter (played in the original film by Jamie Lee Curtis) who gets scared out of her wits when everyone around her is being murdered. “Halloween” set the standard for what is known as the “slasher” film genre. In most slasher films, the killer is the hero and the heroine is young, beautiful and strong. She is the last one standing at the end of the film, when everyone else, including her friends, have been killed.


This film has been on many top 10 lists of the scariest movies of all time. Although it is not exactly a Halloween film, it is shown almost every year during the season. It is perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s best film. The 1960 classic starred Anthony Perkins as a deranged killer with a split personality and a desire to cover up his mother’s wrongdoing (which really was his). One of the most memorable scenes in the film was the infamous shower scene, which was the slashing of a young woman in the shower (played by Janet Leigh).

Best 2 Walt Disney Movies Shown on TV at Halloween

The Haunted Mansion

Disney combined fright and comedy in this 2016 movie about a family who got waylaid by a haunted mansion on their way to a lake vacation. Eddie Murphy is at his best as the husband of a woman who the host of the mansion believes to be his fiancé of many years before. The movie’s special effects include a crystal ball that talks and statues that come to life as a singing quartet. At times very funny, the movie never loses its ambience of the spooky and mysterious atmosphere of the mansion and the ghosts within.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Truly a Disney classic, this 1971 film is a combination of animation and live action. Angela Lansbury plays Miss Price, a witch who casts a spell on a bedknob which makes the bed capable of travel. Miss Price, along with three children travel to London on the bed in search of the headmaster of the College of Witchcraft.


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