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Best Make-It-Yourself Christmas Ornament Crafts: Christmas Greeting Card Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make Themselves

Published by Francene Brletich

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Making a favorite family Christmas craft is a great way to save beautiful greeting cards received each Christmas. Turning them into glittering tree ornaments means the well wishes of friends and family can be enjoyed year after year. Children also enjoy seeing their crafts and art endeavors becoming beautiful Christmas tree ornaments that will decorate the family tree.

Supplies Needed for Greeting Card Christmas Tree Ornaments


To create a beautiful Christmas tree ornaments with kids, parents will need to provide the following materials.

  • A stack of Christmas cards
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

Find or create a circle template to use when cutting the greeting cards. A smaller template will result in a smaller ornament, while a larger circle will result in a larger ornament when it’s been assembled. Shampoo bottles or candles make excellent templates.

How to Make and Assemble the Christmas Craft

Once the circle template has been cut, trace and cut pictures out of the greeting cards. Careful positioning of the template will allow children to preserve pictures and icons they want to show on the Christmas ornament they are making.


Keep cutting circles out until there are 20 of them. Try to select cards that have similar color tones or Christmas icons and designs. So perhaps there will be all the snow icons for one Christmas ornament craft while another may feature nativity images.

Next, fold each of these circle into a triangle shape – see the image below to get an idea on how to do this. When each side has been folded in you should have the main image in the center with a triangle, and three flaps. The flaps are used to glue the circles together to form the Christmas ornament.

Start with five triangles and glue the sides together, allowing the tips to touch, to create the base of the Christmas ornament. They will begin to curve up, forming the bottom of a sphere. Continue gluing the folded circle pieces together until a full sphere is formed. It is normal for a small hole to be present at the top or bottom and this can be used to glue a ribbon hanger.

Finishing Touches for the Christmas Tree Ornament Art Project

For the final touches, add glitter glue to the edges that may be exposed from uneven cutting or gluing. White glue can be used, with glitter sprinkled over it, glitter hot glue sticks, or liquid glitter glue.

This craft is the best way to preserve Christmas and holiday memories from the greeting cards sent by friends and family. It is a fun craft for children and adults alike, and the results are lovely Christmas ornaments that can be hung proudly from the tree!

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