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Best ofFestival CollectionsContent – Halloween Poems of Enjoyment

Published by Mattie Bothe

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Without any doubt I consider myself a creative, and those who know me, and have read the majority of my work it is viewed in the vast number of poems I contribute on AC, apply to my blog, and send across to the Twitter world.

A big issue for me is highlighting the many creative interests as they go around, much in the fields of art and writing, in hopes of assisting also in others’ creative interests, because it connects so well in passions for it. So it is not any wonder as to why I wanted to pick up this assignment and highlight some of the wonderful poetically moved writers in their Halloween contributions here on AC. (Although I would love to highlight every single one of them, because they all project a special meaning in what they have added, I am limiting to some of the enjoyed reads so far.)

The first of my highlights is of Tricia Rivera – “A Spooky Halloween Night”, “Costume Party”, “Halloween Candy”, and “Oh Halloween Night” –

Next I felt was a really well written short Halloween poem by Robert Williamson, entitled: “Halloween Poems” It stepped into the territory of creepiness yet the last line reflected a more comforting tone.

I absolutely love this next contributor in Juneann Reed’s, “Read My “Silly” Halloween Poem” The flow of words in humor highlighting Halloween was fantastic and cute.

“The Hungry Spider” and “Nightmares” by Krista Brazeau were wonderfully written, with that niche for “bone-chilling” visuals in words, for Halloween. A much enjoyed read for the adult groups to better take in.

Two sweet, calm, short Halloween Poems that were enjoyed written by Faith Antonioni, “Halloween Night” and “Jack o’Lantern” sparked smiles and the look ahead to the holiday with my daughter.

Spooky and fun combinations in the Halloween writings by Psynopsis, really gives a feel in the holiday and events that take place, “The Dead” and “Halloween Night” depictions of family enjoyment.

One of my favorites in W.Diane Van Zwol is “Jack-o-Lantern , A Halloween Poem for Families” so much is felt in all the emotions in this well written writing projecting everything Halloween contains, from the scary to fun costumes, children trick-or treating, and the softly glowing pumpkins, I could read this one over and over and enjoy it every time.

As always, humor is always loved in anything, and laughter is the all inspiring, which I found in Khara House’s two poems for this typically spooky holiday. One entitled: “Sister-Costumes” in laughable meanness, and “Mr. Sanders House” reflecting the unwanted healthy eating.

Iva Gutowski sets the mood for Halloween in a great write of: “Children Meet a Vampire” which is full of laughable creepiness.- I really enjoyed these fun-filled submissions because they were basically poems for everyone. Nothing too scary, rather sweet in the spookiness of the holiday.

Along with all of these wonderful writers I’ve also added a link to my Halloween poem: “Eerie Glowing Laughter” Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Halloween this year!

Many thanks to all of these wonderful writers who have so impressed me!

The last of my recommendations is for a well respected writer here on AC, that held in a light of rather disgustingly funny poetic creativities for Halloween was Randy Inman. Generally his articles much based in specific views this was a first I had seen in poetry form and must remark has quite a gift in it, and a gift in making laughter as well. So here it is: “Learn About the Burning Bag of Poo!”



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