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Best ofFestival CollectionsContent on Halloween Eco-friendly Tips

Published by Rich Cicchetti

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Halloween is a fun holiday for people of all ages. There can be a lot of waste from this holiday though that is harmful to the environment.

There are some really great articles onFestival Collectionsabout Halloween eco-friendly tips. Here is my pick for the Top 10 articles on Halloween eco-friendly tips onFestival Collectionsthat are sure to help you have a great time this Halloween while also helping the Earth..

  1. Go Green This Halloween – Eco-Friendly Party and Decorating Ideasby Brenda Prevost

Ways to have an eco-friendly party for Halloween including decorating ideas and even how to save gas and electricity too!

  1. Recycled Witch Cauldrons for Eco-Friendly Halloween Craftsby Gipsy

Great article that explains how to use Styrofoam bowls as witch cauldrons and use as snack dishes or even as just decorations.

  1. Eco-friendly Halloween Party Ideasby Michael Thompson

Great article on how to recycle things for your Halloween party and cut down on waste from having the party.

  1. Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloweenby Susan Ott

Halloween is a fun holiday but as this article points out, creates a lot of waste. This article goes into how to cut down on the waste and still have a fun eco-friendly Halloween this year and years to come.

  1. 13 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloweenby Danielle Crofford Fetters

“Green is the new black this Halloween.” Really great article that gives 13 fantastic tips on how to have an Earth friendly Halloween.

  1. A Guide to Greening Halloweenby Wenona Napolitano

This is a great guide on how to “green” your Halloween from your costume to décor and the Halloween Party.

  1. How to Have a Green Halloweenby Kimberly Lawson

Article focusing on how to have a green Halloween by giving out eco-friendly treats, making your own costume and using reusable bags for trick-or-treating.

  1. Eco-Green Halloween Party Ideasby Carleen Phillips

Fun ideas on how to have a green eco-friendly Halloween Party this year from saving paper by sending out e-mail invitations and bobbing for apples.

  1. Be Green on Halloween!by Amanda McFadden

Tips on how to be green this Halloween from using washable and reusable costumes to something as interesting as serving on edible plates!

  1. Five Green Halloween Party Tips for the Creative, Frugal Ghost or Ghostessby Kelly Dittmar

Very fun article on how to “use your imagination and throw an inexpensive, eco-friendly monster bash.”



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