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Best Places to Find Great Halloween Wallpaper

Published by Selina Gugliotti

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Here’s a List Where You Can Find the Halloween Themed Wallpaper You’ve Been Searching For


deviantART.com has several very well crafted wallpapers that are sure to delight any Halloween enthusiast. Whether you want something dark or scary, or perhaps you want something your child will enjoy, it can be found at deviantART.com. There’s also a useful feature that will censor wallpapers that are deemed to be for adults eyes only, allowing your child or children to browse the website with ease looking for their favorite cartoon characters in Halloween-themed settings.

The Holiday Spot

The Holiday Spot have very creative wallpapers Halloween themed wallpapers. The wallpapers on this website are much different than ones you would find on another Halloween themed website. The best feature was the ability to pick from three different resolution sizes: 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024. This allows you to choose the best size for your desktop.


WallCoo.net is another great website which allows you to choose wallpapers based on your resolution. The website has five seperate galleries, allowing you to find whatever type of wallpaper you want.


FanImages.com offers a wide variety of Halloween wallpapers. They are mostly humorous wallpapers that are targeted toward the younger audience. However, kids and adults can both enjoy the fantastic and funny wallpapers from FanImages.com


FreeHalloweenScreensavers.com has many different Halloween-themed wallpapers. The website gives you an option to choose between 800×600 resolution, 1024×768 resolution and even has an option for Sony PSP and iPhone sized wallpapers.


BlackDog.net is another website with great wallpapers and the option to choose depending on the size of your screen resolution. The wallpapers found here are very simple and easy on the eyes.


GraphicsArcade.com offers several wallpapers based around haunted mansion designs. There are a few fun wallpapers, along with a few very intricate wallpapers that look especially great. This is a great website if you’re looking for a scary and realistic wallpaper.


Wallpapers.com has several different designs that are suited for both children and adults. Wallpapers such as “Happy Halloween” and “Halloween Pumpkins” are great for kids, while “Haunted House #1” and “Haunted House #3” are sure to put a scare into anyone.

Halloween Corner

Halloween Corner is a good website to find a Halloween themed wallpaper. The wallpapers are split into scary and cute wallpapers, and there’s even a separate section for “Day of the Dead” (El Día de los Muertos) wallpapers. However, there are only six wallpapers in total.


This nifty little website has a couple of football (soccer) themed wallpapers for any fan of the sport. Here is a very well crafted wallpaper found on the website.



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