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Best Places to Find Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Published by Mimi Escober

Wallpaper Stock has over 100 Halloween desktop wallpapers available. There are a lot of Halloween characters, jack-o-lanterns, and Disney Halloween wallpapers. Each wallpaper thumbnail lists if it is widescreen or original artwork which is a nice touch.

Always Halloween has a nice selection of Halloween themed Jack-o-Lantern wallpapers. There are a lot of different styles with scary, cute, and funny ones available.

American Greetings has over 40 of cute and cartoony Halloween desktop wallpapers. Each one you can hover your mouse over to see a larger thumbnail or click for a full screen image. Maybe of them are interactive as well with eyes that follow the movement of your mouse.

Shashing Magazine put together a list of some of the most beautiful Halloween desktop wallpapers. Each one has a link to the source page as well as a list of the resolutions it is available in.

The Holiday Spot has put together 16 cartoony Halloween desktop wallpapers. Each one is available in three different resolutions: 800X600, 1024X768, and 1280X1024.

Halloween Corner has their Halloween wallpapers broken down into the three categories of Scary Halloween Wallpaper, Cute and Cartoon-y Halloween Wallpaper, and “Day of the Dead” (El Día de los Muertos) Wallpaper.

Kate.net has thirty Halloween wallpapers. Each one lists the date it was created and the resolutions it is available in. Many of them are unique wallpapers that are not available anywhere else and have five different sizes available.

Hub Pages put a together a long list of High Definition Halloween desktop wallpapers. All of them have large thumbnails making it easy to see what you’re getting before you click to see the source image.

eWallpapers has 9 Halloween wallpapers available that all have user ratings showing you which one people prefer. Over half of them feature jack-o-lanterns.

Appleblossum Art has a lame looking site but tons of Halloween desktop wallpapers that are really nicely done. Don’t let the date web site layout turn you off because there are some great wallpapers here.

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