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Best Pumpkin Decorating Kits for Halloween: Make Pumpkin Decorations Safely With Halloween Craft Kits for Kids

Published by Eileen Moldenhauer

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Published by Lester Lanna

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Safety-conscious parents can purchase pumpkin decorating kits for kids that offer safe alternatives to carving pumpkins for Halloween decorations. Instead of needing to use sharp pumpkin cutters or pumpkin carving tools to slice into a pumpkin’s shell or having to go through the bother of tracing and cutting out pumpkin stencils, even the youngest children can open a Halloween craft kit for kids and use silly or spooky facial features that can be stuck to a pumpkin to make funny faces for family friendly jack-o’-lanterns.

Where to Find the Best Pumpkin Decorating Kits

Families can look online at the Oriental Trading Web site to find a variety of cute Halloween themed Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kits that allow kids to make pumpkin decorations safely, such as:

  • The regular Foam Pumpkins Decorating Craft Kit, which comes with an array of self-adhesive foam pieces shaped like silly eyes, mouths, whiskers, teeth, eyebrows, and other funny features that can be combined to make jolly pumpkin faces.
  • The Pirate Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit, which comes with art supplies such as yarn, wooden beads, and self-adhesive foam pieces shaped like pirate features.
  • The Foam Monster Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit, which comes with self-adhesive foam pieces that can be used to make colorful and silly monster faces on pumpkins.
  • The Scarecrow Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit, which comes with self-adhesive foam pieces and raffia strips that can be arranged on pumpkins to create scarecrow faces.
  • The Foam Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit, which comes with self-adhesive foam pieces shaped like eyes, noses, mouths, and other jack-o’-lantern features and which glow in the dark to create a spooky effect once a pumpkin has been decorated with them.
  • The Pumpkin Masquerade Masks Decorating Kit, which supplies pumpkin decorators with crafts supplies such as marabou trims, plastic jewels, chenille stems, and stickers to use to make fancy masks to place over Halloween pumpkins.

Halloween Craft Kits Decorating Pumpkins to Make Cute, Stylish Pumpkin Décor

With some pumpkin decorating kits, creative kids stick wooden, plastic, or metal features directly into the sides of the pumpkin to make silly or spooky pumpkin faces. Children may need the help of a grown-up to cut or drill holes into pumpkin shells to make space to insert the dowels and ends of these parts, but in general these fun fall craft kits are kid friendly activities. Best of all, the final product will be stylish enough to be displayed on any home’s porch or front window ledge.

The Pumpkin Decorating Kit for sale at the HearthSong Web site comes with wooden features like mouths, eyes, and noses for making five different pumpkin faces. Boys and girls can make a clown pumpkin, a cat pumpkin, and even a Frankenstein monster pumpkin with neck bolts.

A similar Pumpkin Decorating Kit with wooden parts can be found at the Magic Cabin Web site. Children can use this Halloween craft kit to make pumpkin faces for a jack-o’-lantern, a cat, a bat, a witch, or a made-up Halloween creature of their own invention.

The At West End Web site carries a whole line of themed metal parts that can transform an ordinary pumpkin into everything from a black cat to a silly spider to a spooky ghost. One kit even comes with a witch’s hat and boots for decorating pumpkins. Children may need help sticking the sharp ends of each metal part into a pumpkin’s shell, but the finished product will make a nice addition to the autumn decorations outside any home’s front steps.

Halloween Decorating Ideas – Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Looking ahead to the next major autumn holiday, some families may wish to invest in a turkey pumpkin decorating kit. The HearthSong Web site carries a craft kit for turning a pumpkin into a pilgrim turkey with wooden features like colorful turkey tail feathers and turkey heads wearing Pilgrim hats.

For a more subtle pumpkin turkey that can be displayed indoors or outdoors, families may want to check out the Turkey Parts kit found at the At West End Web site. It comes with metal turkey feet and a metal silhouette turkey head and tail.

What are Safe Ways to Decorate Pumpkins?

Families looking for safe alternatives to carving pumpkins will be pleased with foam sticker kits and wooden and metal parts for decorating pumpkins. With such fall craft kits, the whole family can work together to create cute and stylish Halloween décor.

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