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Best White Wines for Thanksgiving Under 20 Dollars

Published by Dewey Allbert

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Choosing the perfect wine for a big turkey dinner may seem intimidating as well as expensive, but it needn’t be. One doesn’t have to get spendy to buy fine wines. This list of the best white wines to serve with the traditional feast are all under $20. Wine value comes not from the price on the bottle, but from the taste and feel in the mouth.

Many people think that serving white wine with poultry and fish and red wine with red meat is a hard and fast rule to follow. That’s not true. Food and wine matching is done by the tastes and qualities of the two. Surprisingly, there are several red wines that pair well with turkey, that juicy bird on the Thanksgiving dinner table in addition to the white wines listed here.

Bridlewood Viognier Wine

Bridlewood Viognier is an outstanding white wine from a California vintner. It has a floral scent with such sweetness that one expects the wine to be sweet as well, but instead it has a full bodied taste that is tart and slightly dry. The honeysuckle and jasmine notes give it a honeyed aftertaste. This wine is especially good with spicy dishes and smoked turkey. Bridlewood makes the best Viognier I’ve tried. Price: $18.00

Heringer Estates Noble White

Heringer Estates Noble White blend is made of 7.5% Chardonnay, 32.5% Viognier, and 0% Muscat Blanc. The result is a wine with flowery bouquet that makes the drinker anticipate sweetness, but instead delivers intense flavors without being cloying. It actually comes off more on the dry side. The aftertaste lingers just long enough to really enjoy it. It’s made by a California wine family and can be purchased online and in wine shops. Price: $14.00

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

Barefoot Pinot Grigio may seem like a bargain basement wine, since it sells for under $10, but don’t underestimate it. It took the Gold Medal at the Dallas Morning New Wine Competition. The quality continues to be excellent. Pinot Grigio white wine is always a good choice with turkey, but this one is an outstanding wine value. Price: $6.99.

Torrontes White Wine from Argentina

Zolo Gaucho Select Torrontes is an excellent white wine coming from Argentina. Again, with the flowery notes, one might expect it to be sweet. But the full bodied dry flavor leads into a nicely lingering aftertaste. Price$15.99.

Chardonnay Thanksgiving Wines

Chardonnay wines pair exceptionally well with poultry. There are many to choose from, but the best will have a dry flavor with a buttery aftertaste that complements the turkey. One to try is Gnarly Head Chardonnay, which won a Gold Medal at the California State Fair Wine Competition. It sells for under $10 a bottle. Barefoot Chardonnay priced at $5.50 a bottle is another really good inexpensive wine.

Organically Grown Cabernet Franc

Fitzpatrick Cabernet Franc is a wine with a delicious fruity aroma, full bodied and very fruit forward. It’s more of a rose than a white, but it fits well in this list. The bottle states “The Fair Play region in the higher reaches of the Sierra Foothills creates wines with an altitude.” Fair Play adheres to organic growing standards, so if an organic wine is desired, this is a top choice at about $15.00 a bottle.

This is only a starting list of wines for Thanksgiving dinner. Other choices might include sparkling wines and champagnes. However, these have all been tried and proclaimed favorites in my household. We also have red wines on the table.

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