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Black Friday: Toy Ads for the Day After Thanksgiving

Published by Tod Odonnel

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It appears that the day after Thanksgiving toy sales this year are going to be huge, for Walmart and Toys “R” Us have some awesome sales coming out in the Black Friday toy ads. While Walmart is said to be presenting their best deals of the year, Toy “R” Us claims to be coming out with over 1500 Black Friday toy ads for the Day after Thanksgiving sales.

Walmart Day After Thanksgiving Toy Sales

Day after Thanksgiving toy sales at Walmart will begin early on November and will continue through until Black Friday. They will have over 100 nice toys for under ten dollars, which would be great for those grandparents on fixed incomes and for parents who are struggling financially. In addition, Walmart will be selling the U-Build Monopoly for only fifteen dollars and will offer some very pleasing Toy Story 3 sales.

Toys “R” Us Toy Ads for Black Friday

For those who are looking for Kung Zhu or Zhu Zhu Pets, the day after Thanksgiving Toys “R” Us Black Friday ads will offer these items for a 30% discount. There is no doubt that the Zhu Zhu Pets will be sold quickly, so it is important to get there early.

Toys “R” Us requires spending a minimum of seventy-five dollars in order to obtain many of the sale prices offered, but it will be well worth it. For those who spend thirty-five dollars or more on FAO toys, a free FAO Schwarz Express Classic Wind-up train will be included with the purchase.

Hottest Toys for this year are on Black Friday Toy Ads

When it comes to fulfilling Santa’s list, some of the most sought-after toys will be on sale on the day after Thanksgiving, including Pillow Pets, Bakugan Brawler packs, Barbie Video Girl, Zoobles and Loopz. The best deals for Loopz and Zoobles appear to be at Walmart and Black Friday’s top sale on Barbie Video Girl will be at Walmart and Target. Pillow Pets will be in the Kmart Black Friday toy ads at the lowest price.

The Day after Thanksgiving toy sales will be plentiful this year, so for those who are don’t mind making their way through the crowds, the Black Friday toy ads will definitely make the dollar go further. But, for those who do not want to take on the crowds, there will be many good Black Friday online toy sales that will start at 2:00 A.M Eastern Time.

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