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Book Review of The Christmas Gift by R. William Bennett

Published by Beryl Louissant

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The Christmas Gift is R. William Bennett’s first book and is an excellent example of inspirational writing. While the story is short and sweet, the message is profound and reaches deep into readers’ hearts. It is a book that will appeal to men and women as well as young people of all ages.

The Storyline of The Christmas Gift by R. William Bennett

The Christmas Gift tells the story of a young boy by the name of Scott. Scott’s family move every couple of years and the book involves Scott’s transition to a new school. Scott is a regular boy who doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd and finds it fairly easy to fit in with others. What he isn’t expecting is an oversized bully, Ben, who make a point of harassing him on a daily basis.


Scott first encounters Ben when Ben helps himself to Scott’s dessert in the school lunchroom. While annoyed, Scott does not retaliate. In a later incident, he stands up to Ben on a basketball court. The turning point of the story comes when Scott, pushed to his emotional limits, tells Ben in front of the whole school that everybody hates him.

He later regrets his harsh words and after discussing the situation with his father, visits Ben at home to apologize. What he discovers on that visit is the beginning of a heart change that stretches through the rest of his life.

What Emotions are Stirred by The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift is written in a similar style to the novels penned by Richard Paul Evans. R. William Bennett tells the story simply and clearly but evokes great feeling as he does so. One of the strong messages of The Christmas Gift is forgiveness and the value of looking deeper into people’s lives to understand why they act as they do.

The Christmas Gift is rich with emotion and connects well with readers’ hearts. Feelings of joy, surprise, sorrow and anticipation mingle to create a story that captivates from page one.

About R. William Bennett – Author of The Christmas Gift

  1. William Bennett is commonly known as Bill. He grew up on the Jersey shore and in New England. His career path included 31 years in business which involved many years of working as an executive of various technology and training companies. Bill is an accomplished leader, speaker and teacher and is also passionate about writing. In 2009 he made a decision to work fulltime on his writing and judging by The Christmas Gift, this will be a great success.

The Christmas Gift is an easy to read book with a powerful message of forgiveness and compassion towards mankind. The story is the type that lingers in the heart long after the book has been closed. R. William Bennett is a gifted writer and is sure to attract many readers with books of this quality and impact.

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