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Books Make Great Christmas Gifts for Girls: A Selection of Books That Girls Aged 5-11 Will Enjoy Receiving

Published by Sidney Fiedorowicz

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Books are very good value for money when you consider the amount of lasting pleasure they bring. Here are some ideas for books for gifts for girls aged 5-12.

Presents for Ages 5-6: Angelina Ballerina’s Pop-Up and Play Musical Theatre

Angelina Ballerina’s Pop-Up and Play Musical Theatre will entrance little girls. This beautiful book makes a stunning gift for ballet enthusiasts. Written by Katharine Holabird and illustrated by Helen Craig, every page is an adventure, with letters to open, levers to pull, and discs to turn so Angelina can try on tutus in different colours. The last page is a theatre scene complete with rising curtain, pirouetting Angelina and music on tap. It’s published by Puffin, and the ISBN is 9 780141 384528.

Ages 7-8: Return to Fairyopolis

Return to Fairyopolis is a flower fairies album with pop-ups and music. It’s a whimsical album documenting a 15 year old girl’s letters to Cecily Mary Barker, creator of the Flower Fairies, as she tries to rediscover the fairies she once saw in the garden when she was a little girl. It will give hours of pleasure, and the illustrations are beautiful and delicate. A lovely book for an old fashioned, gentle child with a feel for nostalgia. It’s published by Penguin, ISBN 978 0 72325 996 1.

Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear

For a child with a wicked sense of humour you can’t do better than the Mr. Gum series of books by Andy Stanton. They are just plain hilarious. The layout makes them accessible to younger readers, but girls up to the age of ten will enjoy the quirky humour and fast action, and many adults will find them irresistible too. The illustrations by David Tazzyman are brilliant. These are books to read and reread. The latest, Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear is published by Egmont, and the ISBN is 978 1 40524 179 3.

Ages 8-11: Stardust Midnight Magic

Stardust Midnight Magic, by Linda Chapman is a fantasy adventure about Lucy, the most powerful stardust spirit there has ever been. It’s based in a make-believe world where Lucy has to fight off evil forces trying to steal her power. It’s published by Puffin, ISBN 9 780141 322544 and will appeal to imaginative girls.

The English Roses by Madonna

The English Roses series of books by Madonna is wildly popular with girls this age. Beautifully packaged, with lovely illustrations by world famous fashion illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari who has worked for Vogue, Harpers and Seventeen among many others they will suit girls who are into their peer group, music and fashion. Look for The New Girl published by Puffin Books. ISBN 9 780141 383798.

Choose one of these books and you can be almost certain that your gift will be received with joy.

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