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Budget Friendly Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Published by Valene Streich

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How to Throw a Budget Friendly Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is a great time to have a party for your kids and have their friends over for some fun. You might not want to break the bank having this Halloween party, but you don’t want it to look like you are being cheap. Here I will go over some way to have a budget friendly kids Halloween party and not look like your main goal was to save money.


Do not feel required to invite everyone that your child knows. If you have more than one child that will be inviting friends limit the number of friends that each one invites. If you are shooting for twenty guests divide that number between the children.


You can really save money on your kid’s Halloween party by letting your child create the invitations for the party. You can use rubber stamps with Halloween themes for the front decorations and write the important party information on the inside of the card. For more information on creating invitations using rubber stamps you can go here. If you want to just print Halloween party invitations you can go here orhere.


A kids Halloween party is a great time to go with simple foods. You can have hot dogs and chili with chips. This sort of meal will make and kid happy and it doesn’t break the bank.

You can serve cupcakes for dessert. Making your own cupcakes is relatively inexpensive and can be easily done. One box of cake mix will make about 24 cupcakes.

To decorate the cupcakes you can buy the cheap spider or bat rings that can be found at your local party store. You can also buy gummy worms or any other Halloween candy that can simply be put on top of the iced cupcakes.


Bobbing for apples is a great game for kids and will keep them entertained for quite a while. All you need is a tub filled with water and some apples. Be sure to blind fold the child for added fun.

Marshmallows on strings is also very fun and entertaining. Tie a string to a stick and then attach a marshmallow to the string. Blindfold the child and then have them try to catch the marshmallow in their mouth with directions of other kids on which way to go.

Ring the pumpkin is also very inexpensive and fun. Line up several pumpkins that have their stems in a row. Let the kids use an embroidery ring to try to ring the pumpkins stem.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on prizes for goody bags. Simply make ghost suckers out of tootsie pops and some white fabric. Cut the fabric small enough to just wrap around the sucker top, tie a piece of string around the neck and use a black marker to put eyes on the ghost.


Visit your local dollar store for decorations. A lot of these discount stores have great decorations that can provide a great atmosphere for your budget friendly Halloween party for kids.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a party fun. With good preparation you can have a very successful Halloween party for your kids!

For ideas on a budget friendly Halloween party for adults go here.

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