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Buy an Easter Chocolate Gift Online: Gourmet Chocolate Eggs and Easter Bunnies Make Perfect Gifts

Gone are the days when only the kids get a chocolate Easter egg. Adults can share in the Easter celebrations too with a mouthwatering selection of Easter chocolate gifts to please any chocoholic.

Cool Gourmet Chocolate from the Best Chocolatiers

Cool brand Hotel Chocolat, established in the UK since 1994 and now available online in the US, has a truly mouthwatering selection of the finest ethically-produced chocolate. Their Easter collection includes the trademark Milk Scrambled Easter Egg (see picture below), a “creamy 40% cocoa milk chocolate egg served with a collection of mellow milk chocolate pralines” with flavors like cocoa crisp, zesty fruit, various nuts and even a chocolate brownie.

This beautifully packaged egg weighs 220g and costs $35 plus shipping. It is also available in white, caramel, dark and boozy versions.

Extravagant Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs

Want an extra thick chocolate egg full of yummy hand-decorated mini eggs with gorgeous fillings like sticky toffee? Choose the Eggsibitionist from Hotel Chocolat, weighing in at 410g and costing $50. This is one of the biggest eggs on the market and is also available in dark chocolate.

But for complete over indulgence, choose their Milk Ostrich egg. With “mammoth shells cast in 40% cocoa milk chocolate textured with cookies, crispies and chocolate chunks” and filled with a succulent selection of pecan and macadamia pralines, caramels and solid chocolate slabs, this $140 gift will take some eating as it weighs a whopping 1.2kg!

Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Baskets

Cute bunnies may be a more delicate option so look no further than established chocolatier Godiva. Their Easter Cheer gift basket includes a milk and a dark chocolate bunny, a foil-wrapped chocolate chick, a chocolate pearl-filled carrot and other goodies including five foil-wrapped Easter eggs, all for $40 plus shipping. Adults will enjoy this gift just as much as any child.

Alternatively, forget the eggs and bunnies and keep it simple. A box of favorite brand hand-made chocolates or a tray of champagne truffles make a romantic chocolate Easter gift. Or how about a gift box? The Neuhaus gift hamper is filled with a variety of chocoholic delights including luxurious hot chocolate, a choco spread and gourmet biscuits, as well as a traditional box of chocs of course, and retails at £60 in the UK.

Keep Chocolate Fresh

Not that many chocoholics will need this advice, but if there is any gourmet chocolate left after Easter, or if that giant easter chocolate Easter egg is just a bit too big to eat in one sitting, wrap it carefully and pop it in the fridge for maximum freshness.

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