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Buy Unique Christmas Tree Toppers Online: Find Angels, Stars, Lighted, Classic, Unique Toppers for Xmas Trees

Published by Dan Bredeson

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Angels and stars exemplify the Christian customs of the holiday, but also come in a wide range of designs—from simple, classic and rustic, to models that shine lights, play music, and revolve.

Santas, snowflakes, bows, and retro glass finials also top a Xmas tree in festive fashion. For an offbeat, unique tree, choose a distinctive topper like the ones listed below, which are all available from online retailers.

Long Santa Hat from A Country Primitive Christmas

A cathedral ceiling is a must for this six-foot-tall Santa Hat tree topper from Countryprimitivechristmas.com (see photo below). Made by Seasons of Cannon Falls, this towering tree topper is crafted from velveteen and embellished with jingle bells. Price: $33.49. Shipping is $12.99.

Glass Peppermint Tree Topper from Gumps.com

Mouthblown by glass artisans in Poland, this shimmering peppermint tree topper (pictured below) is handpainted and silvered on the inside. Height: 12-1/2 inches. Price: $145. Shipping is $21.

Butterfly Tree Topper from Bronners.com

The Bronner’s online superstore offers a huge selection of classic and unique tree toppers, such as the white lace, glittery butterfly (shown below) that stands just over nine inches tall. Price: $14.99. Shipping is $5.99.

LED Peace Sign Tree Topper

A timely, yet nostalgic, symbol is the peace sign. At no season is it more fitting to display it proudly than at Christmas. Why not at the top of your tree? Heliotrope sells a nine-inch high traditional peace sign tree topper that features flashing and non-flashing LED lighting. Price: $24. Shipping varies with UPS.

Handmade Santa Claus Vintage Style Tree Topper from Etsy.com

Glittery, retro, and full of character, the handmade tree toppers and Christmas ornaments at Kari’s Vintage Ornaments’ Etsy shop are a unique addition to your tree. The Santa Christmas Tree Topper stands 3-1/2 inches tall with a wire base features a glittery star, a Santa face from a vintage card, and tinsel accents. Price: $5.99. Shipping is $4.

Make Your Own Tree Topper on the Cheap

All it takes is a toilet paper tube, or twist a coat hanger in a spiral shape if you’re real fancy, and an item of your choice hot-glued to the top. Use your imagination—a miniature Dallas Cowboys helmet sets the tone for a football fan. A pretty yarn God’s eye, a brightly feathered faux bird, or a whimsical disco ball made of small square mirrors glued to a six-inch-round Styrofoam ball crown a Christmas tree in brilliant fashion.

Whether you make your own unique Christmas tree topper or purchase one, choose a topper that will stay in style through the years. Or, make it a tradition to change your topper each year. Remember to photograph or videotape your distinctive tree annually for posterity.

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