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Camp Rock Costume: Make Your Own Demi Lovato Costume

Published by Melodi Eppenger

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Does this sound familiar? Your child absolutely loves Disney’s Camp Rock musical/movie. Even more, she wants to be just like the rocking lead heroine Mitchie Torres who is played by the talented and upandcoming Demi Lovato. So it’s only natural that she wants to be Mitchie Torres for Halloween. Camp Rock is one of the most popular kids Halloween costumes.

Camp Rock Costumes are hot for 2017

Now of course you could go out and buy a Camp Rock costume because they do sell them along with Hannah Montana costumes and High School Musical costumes. However these costumes can be a bit pricey. A legitimate Camp Rock costume can cost you as much as $50 when purchased directly from Disney retailers. This is a bit much.

So instead, make your own Camp Rock children’s Halloween costume. But the burning question is how? Most parents have no idea how or what a Camp Rock Mitchie Torres Halloween Costume looks like. Well fret no more because here are some tips for creating your own Mitchie Torres Halloween costume for a fraction of the cost of the store bought versions.

How to make a Demi Lovato Costume

The Hair:

The hair is the simple part. If your daughter already has brown or auburn hair then you’re ready to go. Simply straighten curly or wavy hair with a flat iron for that rock star look. If your child doesn’t have brown hair this can easily be solved with a costume wig. Halloween wigs can be picked up at superstores, grocery stores or even dollar stores.

The Clothes:

The clothing is the fun part. The best way to put together a rock star Mitchie Torres look is to pair a tunic/long style of t-shirt over leggings. Any rocker style graphic t-shirt will do the trick over a pair of black leggings. To amp the look up, go rocker chic by looking for leggings or tunics with beads, sequins, glitter and glam. Adding silver, shiny pieces to the wardrobe will really make your daughter look like the rocker princess that she is.

The Shoes:

For shoes choose a pair of sequined flats (if possible, but any color will do). Or you could opt for a pair of low heels. Or for an alternative Mitchie Torres look, wear a pair of brown boots over skinny jeans and pair this with a rocker shirt. Top off the look with a cool pair of sunglasses or sequined scarf worn around the neck and you’ve got the look. Now don’t worry if you don’t have all this at home. Great inexpensive halloween costumes and items can be found at places such as Halloween at Value Village.

The Accessories:

Aside from the obvious accessories, such as the rocker jewelry, your rocker diva will need a microphone so she can sing her little heart out. Play microphones can be purchased at any toy store or costume supplies stores.

The above tips are meant to provide a little inspiration for this years childrens’ halloween costumes. With the right accessories and a little creativity, you’ll be able to come up with a great Camp Rock Halloween costume that any girl will be proud of.

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