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Candle Free Jack O Lantern Alternatives for Halloween

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Looking for a few good alternatives to the traditional Halloween Jack O Lantern? The use of a candle in the traditional Jack O Lantern can make it a fire hazard. I have lost a home before to fire, not from a Jack O Lantern, so I often look in to alternatives that do not involve the use of fire, candles, or even matches.

Halloween is the perfect time to teach kids of all ages fire safety.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a great option for temporary light outside. Simple glow sticks can be broken to release the light and then dropped into a carved pumpkin, plastic jack o lantern, orange paper bag, or even an empty milk carton decorated to look like a pumpkin.

Glow sticks can put out a nice spooky light for as little as one hour to about three hours, depending on the brand you buy. Glow sticks are not a fire hazard and offer a safe alternative to an open flame.

Battery Operated Candles

In the past two years I have seen a huge selection of battery operated candles come onto the market. Of course you have yoru traditional electric tapered candles form Christmas, but you also have electric pillar candles that also put off a nice glow perfect for Halloween.

These electric pillar candle operate by battery and do not have an unseemly cord sticking out! Try taking a plastic pumpkin meant to hold candy and insert an electric pillar candle inside. The look is great, fire proof, and perfect for a covered front porch.

Flash Lights

Flash lights are a great alternative to the open flame of a candle. You can use one fo those fluorescent flash lights set into plastic pumpkin to set off an eerie white light that is eye catching. This alternative to the traditional jack o lantern is a little pricey of your flash light east up batteries.

Plug In Jack O Lanterns

Finally, look for the pre made ceramic or plastic jack o lanterns that simply plug in to an outlet. They look great, last year aft year, and offer a safer alternative to the traditional jack o lantern.

Be sure to use these pre made electric jack o lanterns in the environment they were intended for. This means, if your electric jack o lantern is for indoor use only, then only se it indoors! Check the home and garden section of your local super center for the outdoor Halloween décor and electric jack o lanterns that are approved for outdoor use.

I hope these alternatives to a traditional Jack o Lantern help you have safe and Happy Halloween!




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