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Writing a Resume or CV in a Foreign Language

Writing a resume or curriculum vitae in a foreign language is an important task for those seeking jobs in countries that speak a language other than their own. Here are some simple tips for anyone who must begin the task of constructing a resume in a foreign language in order ...

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Need to Take a Therapist to Family Dinner this Holiday?

If your therapist is not available, here is a crutch to help you get through. Three steps towards conflict resolution during family dinners and holidays. Many families have had conflict during the winter holiday season. It normally starts with Thanksgiving dinner and can go through the New Year celebrations, allowing ...

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Travelers Cashing Out at Border Security Inspections

Cashing in and out of border security inspections has become much harder since December 2003. That’s when Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) became a separate entity from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), with an increased focus on providing national security and public safety. Most travelers understand that they have to present ...

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Travel: 4 Days and 3 Nights Tour of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, is considered the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to the shape of the island. Many travelers may think of Sri Lanka for its well-known beautiful beaches, there’s plenty of culture, natural beauty and history to take in for such a small island. Due ...

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How to Enjoy The Holidays Without Family

The holiday season has typically been seen as a time where families get together and revel in the joy of just being together. When most people think of the holidays, they think of children opening up presents under a Christmas tree, the whole family gathered around a menorah, or any ...

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Touring Naples, Italy with Kids

Naples has a frayed, funky, chaotic, delightful vibe that is uniquely Italian. The city is well worth at least a day trip from Rome in any vacation in Italy. With a little planning, kid-friendly activities are easily found in this ancient Greek and Roman city. Language Teach kids at least ...

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