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Tougher Security Checks for U.S. Air Passengers

Passengers wishing to enter the USA are now facing long delays at UK airports as they undergo tougher security checks, after the events of Dec 25, when passengers and crew on a Delta flight bound for Detroit over-powered a suspected bomber who tried to ignite explosives on board the aircraft. ...

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Torquay’s Festival to the Queen of Crime

Agatha Christie, the world’s best-selling crime and mystery writer, was born in the English seaside town of Torquay in Devon on 15 September 1890. Now over several days each September this holiday resort holds Agatha Christie Week. This celebrates the life and work of a remarkable woman who created detectives ...

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Tips to Speed through Airport Security

Experienced travelers know that long lines at airports will cause them to miss their flights. Arriving in plenty of time to get through security is the easiest answer, but not always possible due to business needs and traffic. Preparing to Fly Airlines recommend arriving at the airport 90 minutes before ...

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Implementing a Discipline Plan for the Blended Family

Parents desire to provide a safe, loving environment that is nurturing to their children, but lack of discipline provides a breeding ground for hurt feelings and disrespect. In a blended family, or a family consisting of parents and step-parents, a discipline plan is just as critical, or even more so, ...

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On the Road: La Frontera and Beyond

It is time for me to leave Panama now. I am taking a chance on a remote border crossing into Costa Rica that locals say I can use — but that my guidebook says isn’t open to visitors. I choose to believe the locals. I hop a bus that takes ...

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