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Christmas Articles

Christmas in Australia

Australia, of course, is in the southern hemisphere. The early British colonists and others brought with them the traditional Christmas fare and customs of their homelands. Undaunted by the searing heat of summer, Christmas traditions have evolved and developed around the winter themes of the northern hemisphere – fir trees, ...

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Christmas Day and its Warm Traditions

For the Christian, Christmas is a wonderful, warm season of the year, full of rich memories and happily-anticipated traditions. The holiday, in fact, is built around repeating and enjoying the renewal of these traditions, a warm and pleasant season during the cold wintertime. For many, Christmas is the most important ...

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Christmas Church Celebrations

For many people at Christmas time, attending Christmas church services will play a large part in their celebrations. Many people and families come together to attend church around the festive season, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, rather than the commercialised festival it has become in the modern world. Candle-lighting ...

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Christmas Around The World – Chile

Homes, streets, and trees are decorated with lights and balloons in celebration of Christmas in Chile. Pride is taken with wrappings gifts as well, making beautiful packages to fit under the tree. Gift exchanges take place with their loved ones during the season. Seventy percent of the population consists of ...

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