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Christmas Cakes

New England Christmas Pound Cake

The New England Christmas Pound Cake is a rich, buttery cake made with pure whipping cream, topped with an elegant cranberry compote. The cranberry compote is similar to a holiday cranberry sauce by its whole fruit and zesty ingredients. However, this compote is more tart to offset the sweetness of ...

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How to Make Christmas Fruitcake

Sometimes the classic holiday treats never die. You might need an afternoon to bake this Christmas favorite, but the returns are substantial, and the kudos you receive from your guests will be immense. The Christmas fruit cake is one that is chock full of possibilities and different options, but you’re ...

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Christmas Ornament Cake

Adding color and flair to your holiday table can be accomplished by foods of green and red. Red potatoes instead of the ordinary brown skinned ones, asparagus, green beans or various green vegetables. Red wine served with dinner is an attractive way to bring out seasonal hues. Serving the turkey ...

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Christmas Carrot and Cranberry Cup Cakes

These cupcakes are like an oldfashioned Christmas stocking, filled with nuts and fruits. Their aroma is the very essence of Christmas combining the traditional sweet spices of the season with a fruity/nutty texture . What’s more, they look great and are really easy to make. The carrots provide a natural ...

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