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The Connection Between Samhain and Modern Halloween

Halloween decorations include representations of witches, caldrons, broomsticks, black cats … all things that are, supposedly, connected with the craft of a witch. ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ – the celebration that the term ‘Halloween’ is actually derived from – actually falls on November 7th. Interestingly, October 31st is an actual holiday ...

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Christian Issues: Halloween

Teaching your kids about Halloween is a very simple thing: be honest. A lot of people might like to pretend that it isn’t a real holiday, that it’s just a day for make-believe, and that, somehow, wishing that were true hard enough would somehow make it real. However, this kind ...

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Ten Ideas for a Romantic Halloween

The scariest night of the year is not usually associated with romance. But Halloween’s traditional elements of mystery, magic, and hidden excitements and passions are also the essentials that can turn fright night into a sizzling night of romance. Here are some ideas to get you started: Set up your ...

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Favorite Halloween Sites on the Net

Halloween is just around the corner, which means exciting times are fast approaching. Those of us who enjoy Halloween no doubt enjoy the decorations, party foods, scary movies, costumes, etc. A little planning can make this holiday a lot of fun. There are a lot of Halloween websites out there ...

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Douglas Family Halloween Humor

Every year my five children and I host a Halloween party. We enlist our family and friends to help out being monsters, vampires and other props. At last years party we created a “haunted trail” around the perimeter of our house. I separated the kids by age and took each ...

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