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Halloween Cookies: Tasty Recipe for Halloween Treats

Having tasty treats is an anticipated part of any Halloween celebration. It’s a fun family activity to bake and decorate these easy-to-make cookies. The recipe below can be altered to make unique variations of this traditional sugar cookie recipe. Halloween Cookies Ingredients 1 ½ cups powdered sugar 1 egg 2 ...

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Halloween Caramel Corn Candy Mixture Ideas

Combining caramel corn with candy creates a number of interesting mixes that are perfect for Halloween. On its own, caramel corn is a sweet treat. When you combine caramel corn with Halloween candy, though, you take the food to a new level, as well as add a Halloween element to ...

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Halloween Ghost Lollipops

My nine-year-old daughter loves to do arts and crafts but often finds herself in over her head with beads or paints or glittery glue globs. More often than not, the craft goes unfinished and we find that the mess really wasn’t worth the effort, not to mention the expense. So ...

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Cake Decorating Ideas for a Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. With it comes fancy dress, parties and of course deciding what Halloween-inspired foods to serve to guests. Here are some suggestions for spooky cupcake toppings and icings as well as ideas on how to decorate a larger cake to ...

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