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Halloween Poems


Author: Jammie White Candles gleam behind carved out faces Children roam making their paces Ghouls and goblins walking the streets All in search of tasty treats Costume parties all around While skeletons come above ground Bob for apples if you dare While laughter and screams fill the air Tombstones shining in ...

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A Halloween Poem about What Waits

Sign Up Halloween poems are scary stories of power. As it is the day that goblins and demons stir, during the witching hour. Sometimes you will see a witch or two, never knowing if their real or not, as they stare back at you. Children run door to door looking ...

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A Halloween Greeting Poem

Sign Up Welcome to the dooms of frightening aromas. Where witches stir their mysterious simmering morbid brew and creepy boiling drippings meet melted tremors, caged beneath the gooey gore while screeching walls are constantly howling out warnings. Then incapacitated high above ceilings drool into nightmarish thirst. Scents of scary scabby ...

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