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Ten Entertaining Halloween Books for Preschoolers

Sign Up There is a plethora of Halloween children’s literature, making choosing Halloween books for your preschooler a difficult task. Here I am presenting you with ten appealing Halloween books for preschoolers. The Halloween books on this list can help make Halloween story times delightful for your preschooler. Along with ...

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Native Americans deeply believe that many of them are involved with werewolves. They view the werewolves as  hunter fellow that are to be respected and admired. Europe, North America have werewolves but their race is different. The true blue blood came from native America. Native Americans used to have the ...

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The 5 Best Halloween Books for Adults

vampires in a town called Jerusalem’s Lot. These are not the glamorous vampires found in some stories. These vampires are ancient, evil, blood-thirsty creatures. When the book first came out, you didn’t know at first that vampires were the cause of the town dying. Now, everybody knows that Salem’s Lot ...

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True Hauntings and Halloween Stories

We turned out the  lights and sat in the pitch dark. As we began telling our stories, one of my cousins saw something and asked everyone what it was. After some confusion we all looked in the same place. There was a pair of glowing, yellow-green eyes staring at us ...

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