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Halloween Stories

Top Ten Halloween Books for Kids

What makes a great Halloween book for kids? In my experience as a public school teacher, I found that any story with rhyme, humor, and a bit of “boo” will rank high with the early elementary crowd. These are my top ten picks for Halloween books for kids. Too Many ...

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My Halloween Wedding

Halloween this year will mark my fourth anniversary. When I broke the news to my parents about getting married on Halloween, they weren’t thrilled. Over time, however, they learned about the growing trend and they grew to like the idea. My husband and I have always been the type to ...

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Halloween Memory

Halloween was a difficult time for me as a child. I was shy and quiet. We never had store bought costumes. We had to make our own. My Mother dressed me like a geisha girl one year and I was really self-conscious. I didn’t like attention and I always hung ...

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Top 5 Halloween Books for Kids

Get your child in the Halloween spirit with any of these Halloween books for kids. Here are the top 5 Halloween books for kids that are appropriate for children as young as toddler age. In these books, you’ll find all the fun and festive excitement of Halloween, but none of ...

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