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Celebrate Halloween with Free Internet Games: Trick or Treat with 14 Fun Online Activities

Published by Jan Kroell

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Halloween is an annual tradition that is a popular holiday celebrated by many across the world. Get in the spirit no matter what the weather or what time of year with the following fun and free online games and activities.

Pumpkin Games

  • Novel Games Halloween Pumpkins – This game can be played online or downloaded. Use the mouse and the keyboard to play this fun online game. To play, line up three of the same colored pumpkins in a row and watch them disappear. Special objects that float in may have special powers. This game is fun for the entire family. To easily locate from the Novel homepage, type “Halloween Pumpkins” in the search box at the top of the page.
  • GameGarage Halloween Pumpkin CarverAnyone can carve a fabulous pumpkin with this online activity. Simply carve the pumpkin by using the mouse to draw the face. Pumpkin Carver provides all the fun without the mess. To locate from main page, click “All Games” and “H” links.
  • TheKidzPage Halloween Pumpkin Catch – Catch the pumpkins in the basket as they fall from the sky being careful to avoid the red and green leaves. To locate, click the “Halloween” link from the main page.
  • Ultimate Arcade Halloween Smash – This online game from Ultimate Arcade is fun for all ages. To play, simply switch the items in the box to make three of a kind in a row either horizontally or vertically. To locate from the homepage, type “Halloween Smash” in the search box.

Ghouls and Ghosts

  • Fireworks Halloween Skeleton – This Halloween activity is pretty neat. Watch the skinny skeleton jump, hop, dance or fall. Players control the skeleton by using the mouse and keyboard. This game may not be suitable for young children.
  • Free Halloween Mahjong – Why not kick a traditional game of mahjong up a notch with a Halloween game from Free Halloween? To play, find two matching tiles until they are all gone. Some tiles are hidden underneath others.
  • SurfNetKids Ghost Typing – This online game combines typing skills and ghostly fun. Correctly type the words as they flash across the monitor to get rid of all the ghosts. To locate from the homepage, click the “Games” and “Halloween” links.
  • TheKidzPage Eyeball Bounce – To play this game from TheKidzPage, keep the eyeball in the air without touching the floor. To locate, click the “Halloween” link from the main page.
  • FunSchool Kaboose Transylmania – To play this game from FunSchool Kaboose, use the arrow keys and spacebar to move the vampire and rid the area of pesky villagers. Watch out for fire, sticks, water and of course, the sun! Click the “All Games” tab to find Transylmania.
  • BlackDog Net Halloween Boo Gram Game – This is a free download that includes three different activities for younger children. To locate from main page, click the “Happy Holidays” and “Halloween” links.
  • FunSchool Kaboose Monster Numbers – This online game combines number recognition skills and Halloween and is for younger children. Locate all the numbers in the room to win. To locate Monster Numbers, search “Fun Blaster” and “All Games” links.
  • NickJr Blue Clues Ghost Hunt – Help Blue find the ghosts-in-hiding by following the footprints with the flashlight. Flash is required in order to play.
  • Fireworks Halloween Hangman – This hangman game from Fireworks is rather creepy and is not for young children. To play, guess the word by selecting letters from the alphabet, being careful not to guess too many wrong letters.

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