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Cereal Bag Ghost Halloween Light Cover

Published by Jack Pfeifle

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This recycle craft project is perfect for Halloween. You can make a very easy Ghost light cover out of 100% recycled materials you have laying around the house. Let the kids help you make this recycled Halloween ghost light cover craft project and you can simply slip it over you existing outdoor electrical sconces for a ghostly effect.

Don’t forget to use a little imagination. This simple recycled Halloween project is also a free Halloween craft that can easily turn into a variety of scary Halloween light covers!

To Make This Recycle Halloween Light Cover Out of a Cereal Bag You Will Need:

1 plastic bag form the inside of a cereal box (a large Zip Loc bag will do if you do not have cereal)

Black Marker

White spray pant (optional)

Rubber band (optional)

The first step is to take your whitish colored plastic bag out of the cereal box. Most of these bags are a sort of somewhat transparent white color that is a little gray too.

You can use the cereal box bag as is, or add this simple step.

Spray on a coat of white spray paint to the inside or outside of the plastic bag. Let this step dry. This sis an optional step, but if you have some leftover white spray paint from another craft project, then this Halloween craft is still free!

Now, once any paint is dry you can draw on a ghostly face on the front. I prefer the Casper like ghost face. Two nice round eyes and an open round mouth work great!

You can use a permanent black marker like a Sharpie marker to draw these details on yoru Halloween Ghost light cover.

If you have leftover house paint, fabric puff paint, or even black garbage bags those will work as well. You can cut out black eyes and mouth and glue them into place if you have to use a garbage bag. I recommend sticking with paint or plastic so you do not have to worry about any ruining.

Now, one other tip. Be sure to change out your exterior light to a low watt light bulb. Stick to 40 watts or less. Stronger watts, like 100 watts, can get rather hot. Your cereal bag Ghost light cover will only be touching the outside of the light cover, so this should not be a problem, but you should always take caution!

Now, simply slip the Ghost light cover made from Recycled materials over your existing exterior light sconce. If you need to you can hold it in place with a rubber band! Most likely it will simply stay place once slipped on!

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