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Cheap Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids: Make a Frugal Child Easter Basket

Life can certainly be expensive. And in between the mortgage, the car payments, the credit card payments, suddenly holidays arise! And one thing that can also be very expensive are holiday gifts. When it comes to celebrating Easter, the cost of putting together an Easter basket is no different.

This year, focus on some more frugal options with which to fill the Easter basket. By making some select choices that save money, the kids will still have the same amount of fun, and there’ll be more money in the bank account. Here is a way to create cheap Easter baskets.

Go to the 99 Cent Store or Discount Store

99 Stores and their counterparts have swept the nation. They make a profit by carrying overstock items that major retailers need to move so they can fill their shelves with new merchandise. The 99 cent stores are excellent for buying the actual Easter basket itself, as well as filling it with such delicious items such as candy. The sizes of the Easter candy may be a bit smaller, however the price of five bags from the 99 cent store might equal one from a major retailer.

Buy an Easter Video for a Child

Easter videos and movies can provide a lot of entertainment with which to celebrate the holiday. Legally purchase an Easter video that can be burned from a computer, or buy an Easter video at a store. Because these items are seasonal, they tend to have lower price points than standard DVDs.

Purchase Easter Music and Make CD

Many people now have accounts where they can legally download music such as iTunes. Buy Easter music for a child and then burn a CD as a gift.

Add Craft Ideas for Easter

Many things such as coloring books, crayons and even egg coloring kits are quite inexpensive. Add a few of those items to the Easter basket. Then after the child has opened the Easter basket, the entire family can color Easter eggs or have fun with the new set of crayons and coloring books.

Add a Gift Certificate to the Easter Basket

A nice touch is to buy a small gift certificate for the child. The amount doesn’t have to be high, say $10 or $20, but it will allow them to pick out something small they like as a present. Ideas are gift certificates to ice cream shops, video game stores, music sites or even clothing stores.

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