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Children’s Easter Art Journal Projects: Bring Creativity to the Holidays

Easter is a time of celebration for many families, and also a great opportunity to find creative moments with children. Celebrate the coming of the Easter holiday through use of art journals, art books, and drawing books with your children. Encourage them, also, to create books dedicated specifically for this holiday. In this case, art journal pages are the focus.


  • Art journal
  • Tea or strongly brewed coffee
  • Watercolor paint
  • Paint or sponge brushes
  • Small containers of water
  • Waxed paper
  • Mini-envelope template
  • Pastel colored or Easter themed paper
  • Lace style corner punch
  • Easter themed scrapbook embellishments
  • Multi-colored glitter gel pens
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Heavy-duty glue stick
  • Bone folder
  • Internet connection


  1. Open the art journal to the first blank page spread. Place a piece of waxed paper beneath each page in the spread in order to protect the rest of the pages in the book from becoming damaged.
  2. Brush on a light coat of tea or strongly brewed coffee, and allow this to dry. You can speed drying time through use of a heat gun or hair dryer. Repeat this step until the pages look like old parchment paper. Let the pages dry completely before moving on the next step.
  3. While waiting for the pages to dry, look up interesting quotations and poetry on the Internet and print these passages out. You could use an interesting font, and print them out into blocks to add to the pages. Or, you could simply print out the pages to use as a reference when handwriting everything out.
  4. Next, trace out three to five mini-envelopes on to the decorative paper and cut them out. Use the bone folder to create sharp creases when assembling, and then glue them together. Set them aside.
  5. Create a watercolor wash of several different pastel colors blotted throughout both sides of the page spread. Do this lightly so it doesn’t take too long to dry and so it created a muted color appearance on the pages. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  6. Start adding the Easter themed scrapbook embellishments, as well as the mini-envelopes. If you have chosen to use printed out text, add that as well.
  7. In the blank areas of the page spread, add doodles, dots, swirls, and other interesting designs using the glitter gel pens. If you chose not to use printed text, write it out using the glitter gel pens.
  8. Add small Easter themed ephemera, trinkets, notes, and wishes into the mini-envelopes using scraps from the paper used to make the envelopes.

Repeat this art journal prompt as often as inspired by the coming holiday. If a dedicated book is desired, be sure enough mini-envelopes and Easter themed scrapbook embellishments are available. You may also consider using cut-out’s from coloring pages to add to these books, as well as to the pages of the art journals your children are working on.

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