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Choosing a Halloween Costume: Taking the Trick out of Picking a Toddler Costume

Published by Idella Heimbaugh

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Narrowing down the hundreds of toddler costumes available to the perfect choice can be stressful and difficult for parents. Choosing a costume that the toddler will enjoy wearing can help assure that the Halloween activities go as planned. Remembering a few key points while shopping for a toddler’s costume may take some of the stress off of parents.

Picking a Safe Halloween Costume

The most important thing about choosing a Halloween costume for a child is safety. Toddlers can easily slip out of a parent’s hand and take off running, so always remember to make sure that the costume has reflective tape or strips on it. A parent can buy reflective wristbands, necklaces, and tape which can adhere to the costume or shoes. Do not purchase a costume that has dangling or loosely attached pieces which may present a choking hazard or could get caught causing the child to get hurt. Make sure the costume allows the toddler to move around and walk easily.

Keeping the toddler as comfortable as possible is ideal for a happy Halloween. Toddlers at that stage where they don’t like to get dressed may do better with a roomy costume that is easy to put on and take off. Costumes that are tight and clingy are not ideal if parents generally struggle to put clothes on their little guy. Make sure that the costume fits the toddler properly. Getting a costume that is too large may prevent him from moving easily or may allow him to slip out. Bulky awkward costumes should be avoided because they inhibit movement.

Parents may think that their little guy would look adorable dressed up as Batman but the bulky muscle plate in the chest, the cape that hangs down to his feet, and the mask that covers part of his eyes may be to difficult for him to move around in. Trick or treating can mean a lot of walking and if the costume is awkward or heavy the toddler may not want to travel.

Choosing a Character

There are hundreds of characters to choose from when picking out a Halloween costume. Costumes range anywhere from the classics, like a vampire or princess, to TV favorites, such as Elmo or Handy Manny, and the choices seem endless. If the toddler has a favorite character from a book or TV, dressing him up as his favorite character may help increase the child’s interest in the holiday which will allow him to enjoy the events even more. Toddlers may not fully understand what Halloween is all about, but the opportunity to dress up like their favorite character is always sure to please.

Make sure the costume choice is appropriate for the weather. Warmer climates are not ideal for heavy animal costumes. Lightweight or vinyl costumes may not be suitable for colder climates unless they are large enough to wear over a warm layer of clothing without being too bulky or uncomfortable. Always make sure the child is dressed so that he stays warm but does not get overheated.

Homemade Costumes

Making a toddler costume is always a fun idea. Complimenting his personality with his costume is always a good choice. If he likes to fix things, a parent could purchase a little construction helmet, a tool belt, and some plastic tools and send him trick or treating as a construction worker like Bob the Builder. Little girls can take a spring Easter dress matched with some dress shoes and a crown and go as a pretty little princess. By adding a few accessories to an outfit the child already has, a parent can turn every day clothes into a costume suitable for the holiday.

Halloween can be a happy, safe, and entertaining opportunity for families to enjoy each other while making life long memories. Dressing up like characters and trick or treating is an event that brings joy to children and parents alike. Picking out the perfect Halloween costume can be fun. Remembering that toddlers do best with safe comfortable costumes of their favorite character which fit well, allow easy movement, and are weather appropriate can help parents assure happy holiday activities.

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