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Choosing a Thanksgiving Turkey Size

Published by Marion Patanella

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As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches you may start to plan out the meal and the amount of food that you will need. I would rather have extras than not enough of something while others would prefer to have just enough. There are many factors to determine the amount of turkey that you will need to serve on Thanksgiving Day. First you need to add the total amount of guest that is invited to you Thanksgiving dinner. For example if you have 20 guest than figure about a pound of turkey for each guest. When purchasing your turkey whether it is a fresh or frozen turkey you will need to look for a twenty pound turkey. This will leave you very little leftovers if any. If you are looking forward to having some leftover turkey than add a few pounds unto the original turkey size that you figure.

The general cooking time for a turkey is fifteen to twenty minutes per pound at 325 ̊ F. Keep in mind that if you choose to stuff the cavity of the turkey than you will need to add at least forty-five minutes cooking time. It is recommended that stuffing should not be placed inside the turkey cavity until you are ready to place it into the oven. Prompt removal of the stuffing from the cavity after the turkey has reached full cooking time is recommended.

I usually cook about a twenty-three pound turkey for our Thanksgiving meal. The one problem I find in cooking such a large turkey is finding a roaster to cook it in. My normal roaster is not large enough so I purchase a tin disposable one from the local store. I try to buy the one that has a wire support on the bottom this supports such a large turkey nicely. Since these have no lids available I place aluminum foil over the top of the turkey. The last hour or two I remove the aluminum foil so the turkey has a chance to get golden brown.

Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner.

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