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Choosing the Best Thanksgiving Flowers: Autumn Flowers That Express Thanksgiving

Published by Kurt Breznak

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A beautiful Thanksgiving bouquet can turn a good meal into an excellent one. As good chefs know plating is essential to creating an excellent dining experience – the food not only has to taste delicious it has to look good too. Impress Thanksgiving guests with a beautiful floral centerpiece using special Thanksgiving flowers.

The Best Thanksgiving Flowers Have Special Meanings

Although flowers are beautiful in and of themselves, many come with a traditional meaning. In many cultures throughout history people have used flowers to express themselves. Here a few excellent flowers for Thanksgiving.

  • Adonis: Also known as Bird’s Eye or Pheasant’s Eye this beautiful bright yellow flower is supposed to symbolize a recollection of life’s pleasures. Reflect on the good things in life while gazing upon this lovely flower at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Hydrangea: The the thick clusters of this Thanksgiving flower come in a variety of colors including pink, blue and purple. It symbolizes heartfelt emotions and gratitude.
  • Rose: The dark pink variety of this classic flower was traditionally used to send a message of gratitude and appreciation, making it an excellent Thanksgiving flower.
  • Statice: This twiggy purple flower is usually used to fill bouquets. Also called sea lavender it signifies remembrance. So think hard and remember all the things there are to be thankful for.

Use Thanksgiving Flowers to Celebrate Autumn Colors

The rich reds, oranges and yellows that signify autumn also make for a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Choose Thanksgiving flowers that reflect the beauty of the season for breathtaking style.

  • Black-eyed Susan: Thanksgiving is truly an American holiday so celebrate it with one of America’s most common wildflowers. The rich reds of this lovely flower will stand out in any Thanksgiving bouqet.
  • Chrysanthemum: Red and yellow chrysanthemums make for excellent Thanksgiving flowers. Their beautiful autumn blooms will make a beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving table.
  • Gerbera Daisy: This bright happy flower, symbolizing cheerfulness, comes in orange and yellows making it an excellent addition to the Thanksgiving bouquet. It also has a long vase life which means it can be enjoyed right along with the Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Lily: Lilies come in a variety of colours including deep oranges and yellow. This distinctive Thanksgiving flower will add a splash of colour to liven up any table.
  • Marigold: This golden flower blooms throughout autumn and makes an excellent Thanksgiving flower with its vivid orange and yellow hues.
  • Poppy: Poppies can be found in a variety of colours including a stunning red that will surely impress everyone at Thanksgiving dinn

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