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Christian Alternatives to Celebrating Halloween

Published by Catrice Vittetoe

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Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The air is crisp, cool, and invigorating. The beautiful autumn colors surround us – yellow, red and orange leaves all ablaze on trees readying themselves for winter.

If you think carefully, you may realize that with each new season comes a feeling of wonder. We get used to (or tired of) one weather pattern, and then we are blessed with a new season. Each one beautifully created feels like a present being unwrapped.

However, the Fall season has one obstacle for many Christians – Halloween. This particular holiday has a history in America that goes back to the early 20th century. And, though Halloween seems to have quite a hold on America, especially in commercialism, it does not have to damper the autumn season for Christians. There are, in fact, many ways to both enjoy this time of year and spread the love of God.

Pumpkin Farms for Fall Fun

Pumpkin farms seem synonymous with fall these days, and they are just plain fun for the whole family. Most pumpkin farms have hayrides, trains, a pumpkin patch, goodies, farm animals to pet and feed, and more. These things are all good and should be enjoyed. After all, it was God who created the season, the produce, and the animals.

Granted, some pumpkin farms do sell some Halloween items, or the decorations might be a little spooky, but you and your family can simply not ride the spooky hayrides and choose to ignore Halloween items. Or, better yet, you may be able to find a pumpkin farm in your area that celebrates the season and not the pagan holiday at all.

Trunk or Treat for the Kids

If you have little ones, and are interested in the idea, many churches now offer something they call Trunk or Treat. This often takes place in church parking lots. Trunk or Treat is a neat idea where volunteers park their cars close together, open their trunks, and give out candy to kids.

If your church doesn’t have this event, keep an eye out for churches advertising theirs in the local paper, or on their church sign. You may also find out about one by asking around. Some churches also have festivals, and some have kids dress up as Bible characters.

An Annual Family Activity

Alternately, you may choose to have a special activity for you and your family on October 31st. This way you can have some quality family time and keep your focus on God, instead of participating in a what many consider to be a pagan holiday.

Some ideas for this fun night include: going to see a movie, going out to eat, playing miniature golf, going shopping, volunteering, etc. This annual activity can become a family tradition, where your family goes the to the same place each year. Or you could alternate activities, letting family members take turns choosing where to go and what to do.

Handing Out Tracts

One other alternative for celebrating Halloween is to stay at home and hand out candy and tracts. Christian tracts can be bought at many places. Doing an online search for Christian tracts will reveal many online stores specializing in them. I have found that Chick Tracts are the most informative and entertaining tracts to use). You can even read each full tract online at their website.

If you and your family choose this option for October 31st, you can simply drop some candy and the tract in each child’s bag. Or, you can make treat bags filled with candy and tracts ahead of time and hand them out that way. This seems a good alternative for those who are willing to share the love of God on a spiritually dark night.

So, you see, you do not have to be influenced by popular culture or commercialism when celebrating the fall season. Dare to stand up for what is right, and let your light shine in October – and all year long!

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