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Christian Easter Traditional and eJigsaw Cards: Jesus Depicted Reminding Recipients to Remember Him at Easter

At the Last Supper Jesus said to the Apostles, “Do this in memory of me. “

This Christian Easter card; Jesus Easter Jigsaw Puzzle is designed to remind recipients about what the Easter message has always been. Once the artwork has been created as a beautiful hand made card, it can be converted into an eJigsaw card so that families can send it as a home made Easter message via the Internet.

Card Making Materials

To make the traditional card these materials will be needed

  • Art paper such as water colour or cartridge
  • Various drawing materials such as colouring pencils, felt tipped pens,gouche
  • Glitter or glitter pens
  • Glue, ruler, sharpener
  • Clear workspace

To create the eJigsaw card this equipment will also be needed

  • Computer
  • Digital art software package such as Photoshop or an online package such as Gimp, Picassa or the like
  • Registration with eCard
  • A scanner or digital camera so for capturing and uploading the work

Method for Traditional Easter Card

Search the Internet to locate pictures of Jesus, or scour books and magazines until the appropriate image is found. If artists have a Wacom they might want to trace the image straight into the work space.

If not, the image can be printed and traced or drawn onto a high quality paper. So as not to break copyright laws, artists must significantly change the image by the time it is completed. Be sure to use the image in such a way as to create a unique and personalised message from the origianl stimulous material.

Once the image has been positioned and adhered to the page, colour it and adorn with embellishments such as glitter, collage or gel pen. Remember that this is a joyous message. The example shown below has the sunrise in the background symbolising new life. A speech bubble with a message can either be drawn when the image is being created or added later as a layer in the software package of your choice.

When happy with the finished image, cut it out and paste it onto a sheet of coloured card. For the traditional card, make the backing sheet twice the size so that the card can be folded. Be sure to have an envelope that will fit the card. Neaten and the card is ready.

How to Make an eJigsaw Card

At Jigzone.com, cards can be turned into interactive jigsaws that kids (and family members) will have loads of fun solving. The article “How to Make Jigsaw eCards from Original Cards shows how to turn cards into hours of interactive holiday fun.”

Before going to JigZone to register and upload cards, follow these simple tips to neaten the card and add impact to the online statement.

  1. Crop the image so that the edges are neatened
  2. Once cropped extend the borders of the card by enlarging the canvas size
  3. Create a coloured border by adding more colour around the edges with a paint can or gradient tool. if the software package has one on offer
  4. Enhance the picture with the software tools. They will be different depending on the software.

Please note that expensive software such as Photoshop is not needed for this project. The requirement is a digital camera or scanner and a basic computer. Picasa 3: from Google will provide the tools with which to produce an eCard of high quality. Picasa is a free user-friendly software download that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos. Take the time to get to know this software, because it now has features that allow enhancement of images.

Albums at Jigzone.com

Jigzone.com is a free site, where all members of the family can make albums for each season that grow from year to year. Jigzone allows participants to upload albums of favourite images as interactive jigsaws. Beside the card there is a timer, which indicates how long the jigsaw took each participant to complete for comparison. The site is appropriate for all ages, and there are various levels of difficulty and a variety of styled jigsaw cuts.

This family activity is an enjoyable way to focus on the Christian Easter message while having fun with family members even if the are overseas or away this Easter.

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