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Christmas Cards and a Residual Income

Published by Luba Bier

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Many know that it is possible to acquire a pack of Christmas cards fairly cheaply from a newsagent or even the supermarket. However, they often lack that personal touch. For the person wanting to design their own cards to send out at Christmas, Send Out Cards may be the answer.

With this online system, it’s possible to incorporate personal photos or even scanned in drawings to put onto cards as well as generate text. For the person wanting to recognise individual birthdays, it’s also possible to enter these into a database and receive prompts to send cards shortly before the birthday date.

Not just designed for Christmas, Send Out Cards can be utilised for many occasions. The great thing about this software is that it can be used to send love to family and friends while at the same time helping to generate an income if invested in. There are people who have done so and in a short five year period, have generated a residual income large enough to live off.


Where’s the Residual Income come into it?

Send Out Cards runs on software that is accessible online. To be able to make use of the software, there is a start up fee. It’s possible to sign up to just utilise the service and send cards, or it’s possible to sign up as an ‘entrepreneur’. This means that others can be signed up underneath the account maker, resulting in a referral bonus, for want of a better way to describe it.

This service offers a fairly quick way to regenerate the income that was first invested in signing up as an entrepreneur. This is achieved by finding three people to also sign up to send cards for a minimal cost. They will also receive the added advantage of being able to earn a residual income while at the same time providing a referral bonus to the person who initially signed up, recuperating the sum of their financial investment.

As this continues and more people sign up underneath the initial person, further income is generated. Now is a great time to send out cards and generate a future residual income. In the long term the card sending is more cost effective and let’s face it, no pack of cards purchased at a newsagents has the ability to generate further income once sent!

Personalised Cards

Being able to create cards that are specific to the sender or receiver can give a great personal feel. The software allows for a person, couple or companies contact details to be permanently stored online.

In this way it’s possible to send out a general card that was personally created and send it to multiple recipients. How great for family or clients! Send Out Cards is an online system that saves time and money and for the entrepreneur, could be an avenue of future income.

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