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Christmas Craft Ideas and Projects – Top Free Websites for Kids

Published by Yvette Kositzke

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Tis’ the season to add a little fun and creativity for the kids in our lives. This time of year seems to rush by for adults as we bake, shop, spend, decorate, give, wrap and volunteer. However, for the little ones this time of year is full of lights, snowy days, presents, jingles and Christmas fun. So why not add a little extra joy this year with some very simple and free holiday crafts and projects. These top three websites are very child-friendly, have a variety of fun ideas and are exceptionally easy to use.

All Free Crafts

All Free Crafts.com offers many fantastic ideas for homemade crafts and projects for all occasions, including Christmas. In fact, this website actually offers 150 homemade crafts and projects for children, and even has some that are geared towards the adults. The page set-up is very straightforward, and all crafts are sorted into easy to find, main categories. The following are some examples of what this site offers:

  • Santa crafts
  • snowman crafts
  • hand-made wreaths
  • wrapping tips
  • tree decorations
  • pine cone crafts
  • Christmas cards
  • ornaments
  • centerpieces

Once you find a project you want to make, you simply click the link and you are taken straight to the page (without having to skip advertised offers). This page has a short introduction about the project, and then lists all the items you will need to complete it. You are then given very simple, step-by-step instructions on how to make your craft with a finished example next to the instructions. They even have printable templates and patterns for your convenience.

This holiday themed site is a wonderful mixture of both child oriented crafts, and adult projects. Allfreecrafts.com provides simple and pleasing fun that the entire family can enjoy.


Kaboose.com is a multi-functional website and provides parents with access to the latest family related news, health, nutrition, games, reviews and parenting advice. One of these functional categories is the craft section and pages. These user and kid-friendly pages offer a range of options for holiday fun which includes decorations, ornaments, projects and printables. Each of these holiday crafts are easy to follow and very fun.

  • Printables: This section offers coloring pages, mazes, word searches and puzzles. The Christmas themes for these printables include gingerbread, Santa, stockings, candy canes, snowflakes, Rudolph, The Grinch and more. These pages are simple to print, and provide lots of fun as little ones color, trace and solve fun holiday puzzles.
  • Ornaments: This section breaks down the steps, and allows the family to make homemade ornaments without the frustration. There are three main types of ornaments in this section including the decorated ball, marbled glass and photo. Once you pick the ornament you like, you click its link to get started. Each of these ornaments list the items you will need, and provides easy to follow instructions; there are even pictures available throughout the steps in case you get confused. Each of these ornaments also offer different difficulty levels; this provides fun for family members of all ages.
  • Decorations: This section offers all other crafts and decorations for the family. These fun activities include: napkin rings, place mats, place cards, coasters, candle holders, Christmas cards and more. As with the other sections, these pages include a list of items needed, and a simple set of instructions.
  • Projects: This section provides holiday fun and entertainment for everyone. The project section offers: holiday recipes, cookies, jokes, new and traditional songs, games, fun facts, trivia and Christmas stories. All of these sections also include helpful tips, and occasional how-to videos. These activities are so much fun and easy to do.

Overall, Kaboose.com is a delightful, family-friendly site that has something fun for everyone. This modern and stylish website is sure to add extra cheer to your home.

Disney’s Family Fun

The FamilyFun.go.com website is an online version of the popular Disney magazine Family Fun. This site is specifically designed for kids and families with tons of fun and unique activities for everyone. It is extremely user-friendly and eliminates confusion, as well as unnecessary searching.

There are nine major categories across the top of the home page that includes: crafts, recipes, printables, play time, parties, getaways, Christmas, holidays and hot-to videos. Each of these are then broken down even further for your convenience. For example: crafts are sub-categorized into age, type, materials, home and garden, cards and all inclusive. Recipes are sub-categorized into breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, cupcakes, snacks, appetizers and holiday themed. All of these headings are sub-categorized in order to get you where you need to go.

The crafts and projects on this site are adorable and simple. This site finds unique and interesting ways to involve the whole family and bring out the holiday cheer. Crafts range from printable puzzles, to calendars and holiday scenes that are sure to impress anyone. For every craft, you are given a detailed list of what you will need, and step-by-step instructions on how to do it. They even have helpful tips, and many how-to videos to simplify the process. These projects are detailed, beautiful and festive without the frustration.

Overall, Familyfun.go.com is a manageable and charming site that offers many exceptional crafts and ideas for the holidays.

These three websites are all free of charge and well worth the visit. They are designed with kids in mind and offer activities, crafts and projects that are easy to do. They also offer a great variety to keep children entertained the whole season. Check out these websites and discover holiday fun at your fingertips.

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