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Christmas Crafts for Children – Easy Kids Christmas Crafts

Published by Rhonda Purtle

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Enjoy these Christmas craft ideas for kids. They are simple to make, yet provide for lots of holiday entertainment. Some of these Christmas crafts will require an adult to help out. Afterwards, children will have some fun holiday decorations for home.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids can’t wait for Christmas to arrive. They anxiously count down the days until Santa comes and brings lots of toys and presents. Create a countdown Christmas calendar for kids. Print out a blank December calendar with the calendar portion on the lower half of the paper. Let kids draw a Christmas picture on the top part of the paper. Children can X out each passing day until Christmas arrives.

Kids can easily create felt Christmas ornaments. Precut ornaments out of felt fabric. Ideas for ornaments include green felt Christmas trees, red felt candy canes, yellow felt stars and blue felt circular Christmas ornaments.

Children can use glue and attach sequins, fabric trim, glitter or small cutout pieces of other colors of felt. Take a 4 inch piece of yarn, loop it in a circle and glue the ends to the back of the ornament. Once dried, the ornament can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Children’s Christmas Crafts

A holiday wreath can be created with a white paper plate. Have an adult cut out the center of the paper plates. Kids can paint the wreath green. Once the paint has dried, children will be able to decorate the wreath. This can be done with paint, glitter or fabric. Once completed, attach a red bow at the bottom. The bow can be made out of red construction paper or fabric.

A piece of construction paper and a photograph can be turned into a beautiful Christmas ornament. Cut out a circular piece of colored construction paper. Use a coffee mug for the pattern. In the middle of the circular piece of construction paper, place a small photograph of the child. Now kids can decorate the rest of the paper. At the top of the decoration, make a hole punch, then run a piece of colorful yarn through it. Cut the yarn and tie it. It’s now ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Fun Christmas Crafts

It’s easy for children to create their own personal Christmas trees. Start with birthday party hats. These can be obtained at dollar type stores or party stores. Cover the hats with green construction paper. Now you have a basic Christmas tree that needs decorating.

Have an adult precut small, circular pieces of various colors of construction paper that can be glued onto the tree to look like ornaments. Small stickers can also be used to decorate the tree, along with glitter glue, sequins and paint.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Decorating a pine cone can be lots of fun. Even better is that it can be used as a table centerpiece or placed next to the fireplace. Have a variety of colored paint available and let kids each paint a pine cone. Once the paint has dried, give them the option if they would like to add glitter.

What kid doesn’t enjoy a treat? Get some plain Gingerbread man cookies and let kids enjoy decorating him. Some of the more popular items to decorate with are:

  • white frosting
  • gumdrops
  • sprinkles
  • tubes of colored frosting
  • M & Ms

Christmas Craft Projects

Create a string of paper candy canes. Have an adult cut out a large amount of white construction paper in the form of candy canes. Children can decorate these paper candy canes with crayons or colored pencils. At least six candy canes should be made per child.

Take a long piece of colored yarn and glue it to the back of the paper candy canes to create a paper candy cane garland. Once dried, the candy cane garland can be draped on the Christmas tree.

Children of all ages enjoy making easy and fun Christmas crafts. These are great for any kind of holiday party at school, home or church function.

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