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Christmas Cupid: Movie Review

Published by Neil Hatzell

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Christina Milian is the focus in Christmas Cupid, the modern take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Christina’s character just upgrades from one boyfriend to the next without thinking of the circumstances. From a young age she is taught that money is what matters, not love so she just keeps moving from one boyfriend to the next.

Christmas Cupid: Without Love You Die Alone

According to ABC Family Christina Milian stars as a high powered Hollywood publicist, Sloane, who finds herself haunted by the ghost of her recently departed infamous client Caitlin, played by Ashley Benson. Caitlin’s ghost comes to warn her that she will be visited by three ghost, one at the stroke of midnight for the next three days. Caitlin takes Sloane on a journey to meet the ghosts, which happen to be her ex-boyfriends from the past, present and future to try and guide her to true love.

Sloane’s heart is what needs to be saved. She had already met the love of her life, but ran away when she thought things weren’t going the way she wanted them to go. She broke many hearts along the way starting with her first boyfriend.

Christmas Cupid: Movie Review

A Christmas Carol has been told so many times, it was good to see a new spin on the concept of the story. Each movie that has been made always dealt just the money aspect. This one was more about love and missing out on that someone special. Yes, Sloane wanted to be the Vice President of her Publicity Agency, but that was not the most important part of the story. Since she was taught from a young age not to marry because of love, she only looked for men with money and power. This left her missing out on her one true love.

Sloane got to see that her actions didn’t only effect her. By focusing on being with someone with power and money, she lost out on all the small moments that really mean’t something. Sloane spent so much time at work, with her boyfriend that she was ruining her friendship with her best friend. By only thinking about what was her next step in success, she was causing others to lose out on being with their friends and family.

This movie was also interesting, because teens and young adults can relate to the message that is being sent. There is definitely a message in Caitlin dieing by choking on a olive from her martini. Caitlin partied too much and came off as very similar to Lindsay Lohan. Living the party lifestyle can end badly. Right from the start, viewers could tell this wasn’t going to end well.

Sloane is so preoccupied with work and money she misses out on how lonely her mother is and how stressed out her friend is. The choices Slone makes effects those she love just as much as it effects her. Sloane is missing out on life.

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