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Christmas Decorating on a Budget: Deck the Halls With These Frugal Holiday Tips

Published by Conrad Paytes

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It can take many years to accumulate quality, treasured Christmas decorations. When couples are just starting out and need to decorate, there are ways to get decorations without having to dip into the holiday gift budget. These tips do require some preplanning, but they are an inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays.

Shop Garage Sales

Garage sales are a treasure trove of Christmas decorations. Summer and fall is the peak of garage sale season and is a good time to stock up on holiday decorations. Decorations can be had for minimal cost. It is even possible to find unique and nostalgic ornaments at garage sales.

Ask Relatives for Holiday Ornaments

Older relatives might have extra Christmas decorations in the attic that don’t get used. Many are willing to give or share their bounty of ornaments. Some may even be ready to pass on treasured family heirlooms.

Get Crafty

Making ornaments is a fun holiday tradition. Search craft magazines and the internet for simple, creative decoration ideas. Since craft materials can be expensive, the best crafts are ones that use household items or craft materials that you already have at home. Something as simple as paper snowflakes can be charming homemade ornaments to decorate an otherwise bare Christmas tree. Red ribbons can be tied on the ends of tree branches for a festive, yet inexpensive touch.

Buy One Quality, Meaningful Ornament for Each Family Member

It takes several years, but buying one special Christmas ornament for each family member is a good way to build a collection of quality ornaments. Children look forward to this tradition, whether they get to pick out a special ornament themselves or unwrap an ornament to place on the tree on Christmas Eve.

Search Outdoors for Natural Decorations

There are many decorations to be had at no cost from the great outdoors. Red winter berries, grape vine, pine branches and pine cones all make festive Christmas decorations. Natural decorations can be used in their original state or can be painted gold or silver for a special holiday look.

Shop Discount Stores for Christmas Decorations

Dollar stores and other discount stores are an inexpensive way to buy colorful, fun holiday decorations. Styrofoam ball ornaments, garland and even lights are often found at discount stores.

Decorate with Food

The traditional popcorn and cranberry garland is an inexpensive, yet festive holiday decoration. Candy canes and other wrapped candies make cute holiday decorations. Homemade gingerbread cookies can be hung on a Christmas tree as ornaments.

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