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Christmas Decorating: Places to Shop for Affordable Holiday Décor

Published by Hoyt Shen

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Shopping for holiday decorations can be an unexpected expense, so here are a few tips and stores to keep in mind when getting in the holiday spirit.

Clear Out the Clutter

But, before stocking up on new decorations to celebrate the holidays, clear out the clutter! Go through the house and store everyday decorations including throw blankets, casual centerpieces, even wall portraits that can provide space for holiday decorations.

“Before starting to decorate your home for the holidays, it is good to take a few days off, step back and just let your home “breathe”, so to speak,” said Sherry Burton-Ways, Design Scheme Interiors in Savage, MD. “Banish clutter. This is one of the most basic feng shui rules, serving as a starting point for almost every other feng shui activity.”

So, what stores have the good deals?

Goodwill: Christmas Decorations at Great Prices

Throughout the year, check out the local Goodwill store. Folks clean out their garages, attics and basements year-round and turn to Goodwill as a dumping room for their unwanted items.


Sometimes, people unknowingly donate valuable antiques and other valuables to Goodwill. Decorations that have never been used or opened are great finds at this second-hand shop. Even simple items such as glass bulb ornaments or holiday-themed ribbons can give an extra festive feeling to the home at the holidays.

These items are second-hand, but are at such an astonishing prices compared to what they may be at larger, well-known stores. Besides, most guests will appreciate the holiday decor and not notice if a piece is second-hand or fresh out of the factory.

Decorations for a Dollar


The Dollar Tree is a great place to look for hidden treasures for just a dollar. Go to your nearest dollar store for deals on holiday ribbons, ornaments, stockings and other items to brighten the home.

This is a also great resource for holiday wrapping as well. Keep an eye out for coupons in the mail for wrapping paper, tissue, bows and gift bags. By saving on gift wrapping, shoppers can put more money toward holiday gifts.

If the Dollar Tree doesn’t have everything, check out other discount stores like Big Lots. But be cautioned: some stores claiming to have discount prices may still charge just as much (or more!) for products at other stores like Wal-mart or Target.

Big Stores with Big Discounts

The other side of the holiday coin shows many big-brand stores feature annual after Christmas sales that are unbeatable. Crate & Barrel typically offers products for 50 to 75 percent off the day after Christmas. Sure, fine china or crystal may not be within the budget, but even just a candle originally priced at $8.95 could be sold for about $4.

If $4 for a candle is still above the end-of-the-year price limit, consider this: these “seasonal” candles can be used year-round and add an element of glamour and warmth to an otherwise typical evening.

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